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Vocaloid House Chapter 4

by The Blue Blur

The Blue Blur You Should Know By Now What I Usually Put Here.
When They Got Downstairs They Heard Len Hurling And Rin Pulling Her Hair Out And Running Like A Mad Dog. Gakupo Did A Faceplam. "Guys Were Starting Pictionary!" Miku Hollered To Them. That Got There Attention And They Came And Sat Down. "Who's Going First?" Luka Asked. "How About Everyone Nominates Someone?" Kaito Suggested. "That's Sounds Good!" Rin Said. "Everyone Grab A Color!" They All Shouted. The Nominating Began: Kaito. Rin. Gakupo. Miku. Luka. Len.
"Well That Didn't Work!" Miku Said. "Put All The Names In My Top Hat!" Len Suggested And Pulled A Top Hat Out Of His Sleeve. "Your So Random..." Rin Murmured. "That's Sounds Good." Gakupo Said. "And The Name Is...Gakupo!" Len Says And Picks Confetti Out Of His Nose. "I'm Not Even Going To Ask." Gakupo Said As He Was Agitated And Disgusted. He Began To Draw. It Was A Stick Figure And Then Len Answered. "RICK!" He Said "Who's Rick?" Kaito Asked "Dunno." Len Said. "Well, Your Wrong." Gakupo Said. "Dang." Len Muttered To Himself. Then He Added Pink And Long Hair. "A Monkey With A Rare Hair Disorder!" Kaito Said "No." Gakupo Said With A Cold Stare. Then He Drew Big...(Hopefully You Know What I'm Talking About) And Hearts Around It. "It Can't Be Me..." Luka Said Under Her Breath That Made Gakupo And Miku Smirk. "It's Luka! Without A Doubt!" Miku Said "Correct!" Gakupo Said With A Smile At Luka. "WHAT!" She Yelled." I Knew Because The Figure Had Big-" Miku Replied But Got Cut Off By Luka' s Hand."Are They Really That Big Gakupo?" She Asked As Everyone Else Left Silently. "Uhh...GO ASK A GIRL!" He Screamed Then Ran Off."Wow, Never Seen Him Like That." Luka Said To Herself And Went To Find Miku And Tell The Other 3 To Go Find Gakupo.
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  1. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    Colors Are FUN
    Sep 4, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    Gakupo is nominated! Yay! (Love the colors)
    Go ask a girl! Lol.
    Sep 4, 2014
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