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Victor and Allen: Victor and Allen, Origins, Chapter 2

by That Clefairy

That Clefairy Chapter 2 for the backstory of a Ralts and Allen, a young boy. Chapter 3 is going to have to be delayed however. Sorry about that. Welp, I hope you enjoy!
Chapter 2

The grass was ripped to shreds. Tufts of fur from Zigzagoons and Poochyenas lay on the dirt. There was a puddle of red near a trap. The place seemed abandoned. The Ralts looked around, petrified. His friends, his family… His family! Where had they gone? He started panicking even more, realizing they may have been stolen, or worse, killed, by Team Rocket. Was he the only survivor? Many more questions began to pop up in the Ralts’ psychic mind. He began to sob. What would he do now?

Allen stretched and yawned as he woke up. He didn’t have any dreams, but was excited to meet his new neighbors. His Mom had already awoken and was making breakfast. He climbed out of bed and out of the secret base, which is where they had put their beds, and out from under the trapdoor. He was glad to see that breakfast was waiting for him. His Mom smiled as he ate his food. He finished his Moomoo milk and stood up to leave. “Allen, why don’t you visit our neighbors?” “We have one at the other side of Oldale town, and some people live down at Littleroot town as well,” “I heard a Pokemon Professor works there, too.”
Allen paused. A Pokemon professor? Allen loved the idea of being a professor (although his father doesn’t), and living so close to one is a dream come true! “Okay, thanks Mom!” Allen replied with glee.
“Oh, and don’t run into the grass,” his Mom added. “Wouldn’t want you being attacked by Poochyena.”
They both waved goodbye, and Allen was off, ignoring the other house in Oldale. He went straight to Littleroot, overly excited to meet this professor. He saw a few kids here in there, but nothing could distract him from going to the professor. He found himself at the entrance to Littleroot. It was a small town, only to houses and, there it was, a Pokemon Research Lab. He burst into a sprint, running toward the large building. He threw open the door, and suddenly felt the eyes in the lab fall upon him. Allen, slightly embarrassed, walked up to a scientist and asked where the professor was.

“Oh, Professor Birch? He went out again. he loves doing field work.” the scientist replied. “His family lives in the house to the right.”
“Thanks,” said Allen walking back out the door. Don’t do that again, he told himself. He walked up to the house that the scientist said belonged to the Professor Birch’s family. This time, he knocked politely. A little girl with a red headband opened the door.

“Hello!” said the girl happily.

“Um, hi,” started Allen. “I’m your new nei-”

“Hi! I’m May! I love pokemon! Who are you?”

“I’m Allen,” Allen said slowly. “I’m your new neighbor.”

“Really!” exclaimed May, “I’m glad to meet you, Allen!” May suddenly shook Allen’s hand vigorously. Ironically, May actually looked older than Allen.

“May, calm down,” said a voice inside the house.

“Sorry, Mom!” May yelled back.

May’s mother walked up to the door and moved May out of the way.
“Sorry, about that,” said May’s Mom. “She easily gets excited.” Allen heard May chuckle in the back. “Why don’t you come in?”

After entering, Allen soon found out that May was eight, two years older than Allen. She seemed much more excited to get a pokemon than Allen was. There were some pokedolls in her room, which she soon showed Allen. She was promised a Pokemon of her choice along with a Pokedex, which Allen was slightly envious about.

“I’m going to help my Dad research Pokemon!” said May excitedly. “I have a dream to be friends with Pokemon all over the world, and I love having friends. I hope we can be friends, too!”
“Sure,” replied Allen. He knew May wouldn’t be happy if he had said no, and he needed to friends with the professor’s daughter. He grinned as he watched May cheerfully rejoice about having a new friend. He then asked,”You said you going to choose a pokemon to have when you grow up. Where is this Pokemon? I want to see it.”

“Oh! My dad has them. I think he’s back?” May wondered.

They decided to leave and check on the lab. The both said their goodbyes to May’s mom, and walked to lab. This time, there was an additional face in the Lab. “Hi Dad!” May yelled across the room. “I made a new friend!”

“Oh did you now?” Professor Birch turned around and looked at May and Allen. “Who might you be?” Birch asked, looking at Allen.

“My name’s Allen. I just moved into Oldale town.” Allen said right before May.

“He wants to see the Pokemon I’m going to get.” explained May.

“Of course! I give these three Pokemon out to trainers of age. ” Birch then threw three Pokeballs into the air. Out came three Pokemon each landing on a table in the lab. “That one is Treecko,” He said pointing to a green pokemon. “Then Torchic, and finally, Mudkip.”

“I want Torchic!” said May, watching the Torchic chirp cheerfully.
“You can make that decision when you’re ten,” Birch said plainly. Allen was staring at each one. He knew his choice would be made when he was ten, but he would happily choose one now. Allen tore his eyes off of the Pokemon.

“Thanks Professor!” said Allen, still partly watching the Pokemon.

“No problem! You can come whenever you like!” Birch said back.

Allen left alone since May wanted to stay with her Dad. I wonder which one I should get, Allen thought. Treecko or Mudkip? He pondered the question as he walked home. He noticed the house on the left belonged to an old man as he walked home, still thinking about the starter Pokemon.