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Vicky, Randy, Melanie, and Mallory

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart I was gonna introduce these four after I got 6,000 likes, but meh, I couldn't wait. :p

The shiny Vulpix is Vicky, Victoria's twin sister, who Chelsea recently found and adopted, even though Victoria was against Chelsea adopting Vicky due to the fact she hates Vicky. Vicky often steals things and tags along with Randy on adventures.

The Flareon is Randy, Ralph's twin brother. Sunny and Mary, Ralph, Autumn, and Randy's parents, separated when Ralph, Autumn, and Randy were too young too remember. Sunny took Autumn and Randy with him, whilst Mary kept Ralph with her, however Randy ran away when he was 10, and only recently came back. Ralph and Autumn didn't know Randy even existed, but now, Ralph hates Randy due to reasons. He doesn't steal things like Vicky, but he often goes on adventures, or tags along with Vicky when she goes exploring or adventuring.

The shiny Zoroark is Melanie, a treasure hunter who often goes on adventures with Flame, an Arcanine, to try to find treasure, since Flame is a treasure hunter, too. Melanie uses a red bow for a ponytail holder.

The blood covered Espeon, Mallory, is a murderer, and has gotten away with murder many times, due to being an expert at framing other Pokemon to make it look like they are the murderer. Her name is supposed to mean 'Unfortunate', or 'ill fated'.

Vicky likes males, Randy likes both males and females, Melanie likes males, and Mallory likes both males and females, if anyone wants to try to start a ship. :p