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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Verdel City Battle (Grass Gym)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and co. wake up in a new day, now ready to each challenge the Verdel City Gym leader, Georgia, who isn't as easy as everyone thought
I wake up late and went running for the gym, only to see Sasha, Mark, Gabriel leaving the city. "Ok, ready Medicham" I asked. Medicham nodded yes and we entered. "Hello, you must be Uriel, Mark and Gabriel told me about you" the gym leader said nicely. "I'm Georgia, the grass lady master, expect no mercy from my beloved grass types" Georgia said. "I won't, I like challenges" I said. "Here are the rules, 1) The Leader and Trainer can use Sleep Powder and other effect moves, 2) Trainers & the Leader can switch pokemon in the battle, 3) The limit is three pokemon" "Ok, fair enough" I said. "GO Roselia use Poison Powder, Go Cacnea use Razor Leaf. Cacnea is badly poisoned while Roselia isn't hurt at all. "Return Roselia, Go Nuzleaf use Sucker Punch, Return Cacnea, Go Medicham use Thunder Punch. Nuzleaf isn't as badly hurt but Medicham was almost knockout. "Sucker Punch, Fire Punch. Nuzleaf is badly damaged but manages to beat Medicham. "Return Medicham, Go Chimchar use Ember". Chimchar manages to beat Nuzleaf. "Return Nuzleaf, Go Roselia use Poison Powder, DODGE it and use Mach Punch". Chimchar is badly poisoned and almost knockout when a light pops up and it evolves. "Oh my god, Chimchar, is that really you" I got to say. "MONFERNO!" My newly evolve Monferno screams out ready to fight, still poisoned. "Poison Sting, Flame Wheel". Monferno manages to go first and beat up Roselia. "Return, Go Servine use Vine Whip" "Return, Go Cacnea use Pin Missile". Servine manages to go first and beat up Cacnea. "Return, Go Monferno, use Flame Wheel, Servine use Vine Whip". Servine and Monferno battle it out and at the end Monferno got the upper hand and the winner was Uriel. "Well, congrats here is your new badge, the Verdel Badge hope you keep up with the dreams" Georgia said. "Thanks, Georgia hope to see you around" I said happily after leaving the gym and heading back to Maul City...