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Vela the Togepi

by Blue moon

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Blue moon Task 1: What is the gender of your PokéBaby?
Task 2: Give your PokéBaby a name!
Vela, name of a Star constelation (Gamma Velorum)
Task 3: Set your location.
Even though Vela's egg was received during a journey to Johto, she hatched in Kanto, inside of her master's small cabin in the Veridian Forest.
Task 4: Tell us something about the parents
Vela inherited her mother species, being borned as a small Togepi. Her mother was a young Togetic living in Johto, her name was Lottus and she belonged to a young professor just starting to exercise her rol as such. They appeared to have a really strong bond one another. Her father was a wise Honchkrow named Orion, his trainer being an amateur astronomer--thet's why the star names-- living in the middle of the Green Forest in his small, but wellcoming, cabin. Their trainer's met due a joint research about space pokemon. They had to spend a lot of time together, without having many time to focus on their pokemon.
Maybe that's why these two starting spending so many time together too, bonding enough to give life to a new pokemon: Vela.
Sadly, Vela didn't had the chance to establish a maternal bond with her mother. This also meant for her to have an incredible relationship with her father. Maybe that's why she learned from him such an unusual move for her species: Nasty Plot.
Task 5: Be a-bit-little-ly serious!
Her ability is Serene Grace.
Task 6: Make some memories of the first sight of the newly hatched PokéBaby!
Thinking about her first memory ever was hard for her just like it would be to anyone. There are things, of course, she feels like she's been doing since forever so, how to sink in the depths of her mind for the first time she fell asleep to the warmth of the stove? or the first time her father took her to the highest pine tree and taught her about the stars? It was better to just let them be as old as time, just like the sensation of being alive.

Of course, there were things she could remember. Like the first time she saw her mother's face, her bright eyes and contagious smile. A couple of months had passed and she wasn't a Togetic anymore, the brightness of a Shiny stone had changed her body to a fully evolved pokemon; Togekiss.

That was the moment when Vela discovered she wanted to be like her mother too, with the ability of making people smile wherever she went, flying away to a new hopeless place where people needed to cheer up. But as that moment arrived, she'd be happy in the small cabin learning about stars; they made the three of them smile whenever they looked at them and she was sure there were thousands of people more smiling at the same sky.

Her life was simple, playing with Caterpies in the forest and enjoying of stories next to a campfire. Falling asleep between Orion's warm feather's, the moon's soft light protecting her from the scary darkness. The warmth of the cabin. Her trainer tickling her to the point of crying. Just little things, little things to make a baby smile, little things to make a baby dream. A long road to make a baby's dream come true.


So this is it, Vela the Togepi.

It's funny, beacuse I have a complete file with sketches of diferent Togepis that I was going to use but that sadly didn't see the light (at least not yet). I actually made an actual artwork with one but I liked this one better so... here you have! Hope everything it's alright and that it was okay that Vela shared the picture with her beloved father Orion.

(I just realized I made so many mistakes in the writing XD sorry, translating pokemon names is a bit hard)
  1. Zamcio
    Jun 22, 2016
  2. Zamcio
    @Blue moon I should never read when I'm sleepy >_< There indeed is Togetic.
    Jun 22, 2016
  3. Blue moon
    Blue moon
    @Zamcio Well... I think there's a confusion, her mother was a Togetic that then evolved into a Togekiss. Anyways, maybe I missed somewhere and spelled Togepi instead of Togetic? I just checked and it doesn't seem like happening but I'm really distracted and it wouldn't surprise me if I had done that.
    Anyways, I added more info to the parents part since I missed a lot about it. Thanks!
    Jun 22, 2016
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  4. Zamcio
    Note: her mother couldn't be Togepi as Togepi is Baby Pokemon which means it cannot breed
    Jun 22, 2016