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Teams: Valor

by AssassinGallade

AssassinGallade In the darkest night they are the flame
Ok Team Valor. I am not a big fan of Moltres or Team Valor but I'm doing this for anyone who reads this. So team Valor is the 2nd highest liked team in Pokemon go with 32% of players on the team the leader Candela. Candela believes that Pokemon are strong creatures stronger than us even! Power is something most people want so I can see how 32% of all players on the team also joining team Valor makes powering up your Pokemon cost less stardust! So that is one reason that people would join another reason is that alot and I mean alot of people in this world like the color red and most of the time red is seen to go with things like love strength and blood so you power players out there that want powerful Pokemon this is your team trust me! Another thing why Valor is in 2nd place for best team is because of what Candela wishes to achieve to find out Pokemon's strength like I mentioned earlier red is a color liked by some people (blue being the best) it is really obvious that die hard pokemaniacs love Moltres for its special/speed in most of the games making it a favors legendary. So that is about all I've got if you haven't checked out Mystic you should and I'm working on Instinct at this moment!