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by GalacticMurder

GalacticMurder Read this if you have recently eaten.
It finally got to me. I feel it moving through my veins. It's all over my body. So painful! I feel like a jelly donut being stepped on. I start to cry but no tears come out, only blood. When I feel it coming I try to hold it in but all of it just comes out. It gushes out from both ends. On the ground is a mix of blood, vomit and diarrhea. The flies start to roll in. I lay here helpless as maggots appear all over my body. I feel them eating through my flesh as I continue to burst. My intestines start to drive through my rear end. I scream but no one can hear me as the blood muffles it. No one is around to hear it anyways. The tension that was on my limbs are finally relieved as the blood bursts through separating my limbs from my body. I continue to burst and I become an unidentifiable pile of mush. It continues for seconds until all the pain suddenly disappears.