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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Unova Chapter three: New Friend

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Flame- Eevee, Oshawott, Blitzle
Mal- Braixen
Evil People:
Harlin- Litleo
Casey- Tyrunt
Side People:
Aspen- Quilladin, Litleo, Skiddo, Cyndaquil

Oshawott- Tackle, Water Gun
Blitzle- Quick Attack, Shock Wave
Braixen- Fire Punch, Ember, Flame Charge, Fire Spin
Litleo- Tackle, Ember
Tyrunt- Tackle, Stomp
Quilladin- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile, Grass Pledge
Litleo- Headbutt, Leer, Ember, Fire Fang
Skiddo- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile, Grass Pledge
They went to a pokemon center to call their parents.
"Hey mom, im in Unova, sorry it took me so long to call." Flame said.
"Im glad you did, your sis is coming to Unova and should be there soon." Mom said.
"Did she get a pokemon from professor?" Flame asked.
"No, but she is getting her first one there." Mom said.
"Alright, oh I caught two pokemon already." Flame said.
"May I see them?" Mom asked.
"Sure, everyone come on out." Flame said.
"Looks like a Oshawott and a Blitzle." Mom said.
"Yep." Flame said.
"Eevee." Eevee said happily.
"And i cant forget about you Eevee." Flame said.
"Maybe it will learn some moves." Mom said.
"Maybe, Sis is here so i better go get her." Flame said. Flame got his sister and met Mal at the professor's lab.
"Whats your name?" Professor asked.
"My name is Katie, and this is my big brother." Katie said.
"So, I guess these two people can help yah out." Professor said.
"I choose Tepig as my starter." Katie said.
"Snivy." Snivy said walking to Mal.
"Dang, Snivy likes you Mal." Professor said. She handed Mal Snivy's pokeball.
"Snivy return." Mal said. Professor gave Katie Tepig's pokeball, 5 pokeballs and a pokedex,
"Alright, now what should I do now?" Flame asked.
"Maybe try the first gym again." Mal said.
"My bro lost to a gym battle." Katie said.
"Yeah, well I wasn't ready for it." Flame said.
"Well lets go, we both will challenge the gym leader." Katie said.
"Sounds good to me." Flame said. They headed for the first gym once again.