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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Unova Chapter 19: Wake Up Call

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Flame- Eevee, Dewott, Zebstrika, Excadrill, Unfezant, Cinccino
Mal- Braixen, Snivy, Scraggy, Pawniard
Katie- Pignite, Emolga, Litwick, Krokorok, Cubchoo
Aspen- Quilladin, Litleo, Skiddo, Cyndaquil, Zorua, Deino
Evil People:
Harlin- Litleo
Casey- Tyrunt
Jack- Abomasnow, Avalugg
Isaac Willow- Golett, Simisage, Zorua, Eelektrik, Rufflet, Liepard

Eevee- Tackle
Dewott- Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Razor Shell, Water Pulse
Zebstrika- Thunderbolt, Thunder, Flame Charge, Spark
Excadrill- Drill Run, Slash, Metal Claw, Dig
Unfezant- Gust, Air Slash, Air Cutter, Steel Wing
Cinccino- Double Team, Swift, Iron Tail, Attract
Braixen- Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Fire Pledge, Fire Spin
Snivy, Tackle, Vine Whip, Leaf Tornado, Energy Ball
Scraggy- Low Kick, Feint Attack, Headbutt, Brick Break
Pawniard- Scratch, Furry Cutter, Feint Attack, Metal Claw
Pignite- Fire Puch, Ember, Flame Charge Fire Plegde
Emolga- Thundershock, Quick Attack, Spark, Double Team
Litwick- Ember, Astonish, Fire Spin, Night Shade
Krokorok- Bite, Mud Slap, Dark Pulse
Cubchoo- Icy Wind, Fury Swipes, Ice Beam
Litleo- Tackle, Ember, Headbutt, Fire Fang
Tyrunt- Dragon Claw, Stomp, Bite, Ancient Power
Abomasnow- Wood Hammer, Grass Whistle, Ice Punch, Ice Beam
Avalugg- Avalanche, Ice Beam, Gyro Ball
Quilladin- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile, Grass Pledge
Litleo- Headbutt, Leer, Ember, Fire Fang
Skiddo- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile, Grass Pledge
Cyndaquil- Tackle, Smokescreen, Ember
Zorua- Scratch, Pursuit, Fury Swipes
Deino- Tackle, Dragon Rage, Bite
Golett- Mud Slap, Rollout, Shadow Punch
Simisage- Lick, Fury Swipes, Solar Beam, Energy Ball
Zorua- Pursuit, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes
Eelektrik- Discharge, Crunch, Thunderbolt
Rufflet- Peck, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace
Liepard- Slash, Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Fury Swipes
It was the middle of the night in the forrest when they heard Eevee and Cyndaquil scream.
"Eevee." Flame said rushing out of the tent.
"Cyndaquil." Aspen said doing the same thing.
"Lets get this over with." Casey said.
"Yeah, so we can get these two pokemon to our boss." Harlin.
"Thats where I come in." Jack said.
"Not you two." Flame said.
"Whats going on?" Mal said with a sleepy voice.
"Yeah." Katie said with a sleepy voice also.
"Nevermind." Mal said.
"Abomasnow I choose you." Jack said as Casey and Harlin drove away.
"Flame and Aspen, go get them." Mal said.
"We have this." Katie said and the two went after the other two.
"If we are ever are going to catch up to them we need to pop their tires." Aspen said.
"Eevee use Tackle." Flame said and Eevee hit the create and started crying.
"You know its a baby." Aspen said. By the way, they are chasing after the car while saying and doing this.
"Fine, Dewott I choose you." Flame said.
"Why not Unfezant?" Aspen asked.
"Well, he hasn't battled in a while." Flame said. "Dewott use Aqua Jet." Dewott was on the car and DIsaster didnt even realize it.
"Sweet, Dewott use Razor Shell on the cage." Flame said and Eevee and Cyndaquil was free. They went back to their trainers. The Disaster car stops.
"Litleo I choose you." Harlin said.
"Tyrunt I choose you." Casey said.
"Litleo use Fire Fang." Harlin said and Dewott was weakened.
"Deino help us out." Aspen said. Litleo began to glow.
"Aw man." Flame said and Litleo was now Pyroar.
"Woah, Tyrunt is evolving two." Casey said and its now Tyrantrum.
"Awesome our pokemon evolved." Harlin said.
"Deino use Dragon Rage." Aspen said.
"Dewott use Water Pulse." Flame said and Disaster blasted off. Then Dewott began to evolve.
"Dang, it evolved." Flame said.
"So many pokemon evolving." Aspen said.
*Back at the camp*
"Snivy use Energy Ball." Mal said and Abomasnow was weakened.
"Pignite use Fire Punch." Katie said and Abomasnow was weakened.
"Abomasnow use Wood Hammer." Jack said.
"Deino use Dragon Rage." Aspen said arriving and Abomasnow was stopped.
"Samurott use Razor Shell." Flame said and Abomasnow was weakened.
"Dewott evolved I see." Mal said.
"Everyone attack at once." Flame said.
"Right." Everyone else said.
"Samurott use Water Pulse." Flame said.
"Deino use Dragon Rage." Aspen said. "Cyndaquil use Ember."
"Snivy use Energy Ball." Mal said.
"Pignite use Fire Pledge." Katie said and Jack was blasted off along with Abomasnow.
"You two?" Harlin asked.
"How long have you two been up here?" Jack said.
"Not that long before the two got back from defeating us." Casey said.
"Snivy." Snivy said and began to glow.
"Deino." Deino said and began to glow. Then both of them have evolved.
"Sweet, thats not a total of five pokemon evolved today i think." Aspen said.
"When did you learn math?" Mal asked. Aspen just shrugged.
"Whatever, lets head to the next gym." Flame said.
"But we never finish out nightly sleep." Aspen said.
"Yeah, ninjas need sleep." Mal said.
"Fine, sleep then we are off." Flame said.