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UNLASTING ~ resolution ~

by This Vulpix Drinks Coffee

This Vulpix Drinks Coffee Title: Unlasting: resolution

Anime: Sword Art Online

Characters: Asuna Yuuki, Alice Schuberg/Zuberg

Time to complete; 2 days/ 4+ hours (accumulative)


The difficulty level of this piece was too damn high. Mostly because of drawing Asuna's goddess dress. There were a lot of intricate details but nevertheless , I did my best. I do like how it came out in the end.


This piece is an art tribute to Sword Art Online: War of Underworld. This piece features the MVPs of this season, Alice and Asuna. Despite some challenges with intricate outfits and coloring said intricate af outfit, I present to you my drawing featuring two amazing warriors from SAO. I had a lot of fun working on this piece.

Please enjoy.
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