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Aureolis Stuff: Unice

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ Oh look! A new Fakémon design!

Some info on the species:
Pokedex Numbers: #170 Aureolis, #834 National
Type(s): Ice
Abilities: Snow Cloak, Snow Warning
Category: Unicorn Pokémon
Base Stats: HP: 50
Attack: 35
Defence: 35
Sp. Attack: 65
Sp. Defence: 45
Speed: 60
Height/Weight: 0.9m/1.2kg (2'11"/2.6lbs)
Egg Groups: Field/Fairy
Some moves: Powder Snow, Mist, Icy Wind, Fairy Wind, Disarming Voice, Ice Fang, Aurora Beam, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Hail (TM), Frost Breath (TM), Aurora Veil (EM)
Evolution: Aunicote (Level 22+Ice Rock)
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