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Undertale: The Fallen Humans' Stories: Undertale - Paitence: Avery's Story

by IDom_

IDom_ Okay, so this is the big project I've been working on. And yes, it's Undertale! *Silence* Uh, ok. So basically, we never heard of the Fallen Humans' (except Frisk's and Chara's) adventures through the Underground. So basically, what happened? Well, it's a Human's nature to try and make a piece for a empty hole, so I am going to write about the Fallen Humans' adventures through the Underground. These Texts will be in order of beginning to end, so the final Human's adventure I write about will be what I assume was the final human to fall into the Underground before Frisk did. I would please insist the fact that these will take a long time, as each human's adventure gets steadily longer. Though it's gonna be difficult to locate the exact death point of each child, as the Bravery and Justice souls' items are bought from shop keepers, so we don't know where they got them from, and even then the ones that can be found in the Overworld might have been moved from the death point. But anyway, the actual summary of this tale. Avery is the 2nd human to fall into the Underground, and she never makes it past the Ruins, so what happened to her?
There was once a girl named Avery. She was a very patient girl, and he also very pretty. She always carried a Toy Knife, she said it was her good luck charm. She also wore a ribbon against her warm, orange hair. She was only 11, but she was very mature. Her Father and Mother were getting divorced and she was so upset that she ran away from home, to the Famous Mt. Ebbot. She ran and ran, tears streaming down her face like a fierce tide of the fateful ocean. However, she was crying so much that she accidently tripped up on a truck stem sticking out of the earth, and she fell down a huge hole. He landed on a soft bed of flowers, as gold as the sun itself. She wondered how she survived this, but there was no time; he heard something, and her instinct barging into her. She approached cautiously. Then without warning, a flower sprung up from out of the earth; but this was no ordinary flower. It was a talking flower, with a face and all.

“Howdy! I’m Flowey the Flower! What’s our name?” it said.


“Golly gee! What a nice name! So, sorry if this may sound rude n’ all, but are you a human?” It asked.

“Y-yes…” Avery replied blankly, she wasn’t so sure he liked this funny flower.

“Oh golly gee! You look real confused, don’t cha? Well, what’s ya problem?”

Avery paused; she didn’t like to sound rude, but this thing had asked a strange question to her, so it was time she did.

“What are you?” Avery said quietly.

“Well, I’m a flower.”

“Are there other talking flowers down here too?”

“Nah, I’m unique. But do you know what’s down here? Well, let me fill you in. This place is called the Underground, and it’s bursting with monsters of all sorts.”

“Wait monsters?!” Avery burst out.

“Yeah, but don’t worry. They’re really friendly! And you want to know something? There is this thing L.O.V.E down here, and do you want to know how L.O.V.E is shared through down here? Through Friendliness pellets!” Suddenly a storm of white pellets appeared above the flower thing. Suddenly, Avery felt a vibe in her chest like never before. She looked down; a pale blue heart had appeared smack bam in the middle of her chest. She looked up again.

“Oh! You’re probably wondering what that is! Well, it’s your soul! The very incarnation of your very being! Let’s see, you’re Pale Blue! What a nice colour! You must be very PATIENT to have a soul like that!” It said.

“Um, yeah.” Avery mumbled.

“Well, let’s get started!” The pellets inched closer. For some anonymous reason, Avery didn’t trust this flower. She made a choice. She moved out of the way. Suddenly a bar popped up beside her; it looked like something out of a video game, probably a game about where a kid in a striped shirt battled weird things. Avery started at it.

“Uh, don’t pay attention to that! It’s just some prank a nearby kid just did, uh…” He said rather quickly.

Avery was frightened now. What was this thing? Never the less, it was definitely untrustworthy.

More pellets flew by.

“Uh, you know don’t you?” The thing said now, rather darkly.

“You know, that in this world… IT’S KILL OR BE KILLED!” It yelled evilly. Suddenly the face turned into a horrific mess of death. Pellets surrounded Avery and they flew at her. She screamed, but before the pellets reached her, a wall of small fire balls shielded her.

“Don’t you dare touch that child!” A voice rang out in the darkness. Suddenly, what looked like a bipedal, female goat appeared. She had a stern face with a sort of kindness there too, and she wore a dress with a symbol of some sorts on it.

“AYEEEEEE!!!” The flower screamed, and it sulked back into the earth. Suddenly the goat’s face lost all expression of strictness, and turned towards Avery with a look of love and kindness

“Are you alright my child?” She asked politely.

“Yes, thank you. Though I grazed my leg a bit though.” Avery replied. This goat person seemed to be much trustworthy, and Avery liked her.

“What is your name, my child?” She asked.

“Avery, and you?” Avery asked.

“Toriel, pleasure you meet you, Avery.” Toriel replied. “Follow, we can fix up that graze back at my home. I guide you through the ruins.” Toriel lent out her hand. With a feeling of attachment, Avery latched on. And so Avery went with Toriel to her house. It was a very long walk. On the way, Toriel asked Avery a question.

“Um, my child, is that a knife in your pocket?” She asked with a slight quiver.

“Oh no, it’s not a real knife, it’s just a Toy. I carry it with me where ever I go, it’s my good luck charm. My older sister gave it to me not long before she…” Avery faltered in her sentence then.

“Oh, I’m sorry my child. Well, we are here now.” Before them was a huge building, with leafs scattered everywhere. There was a giant tree in the middle, looking so full of life, with gigantic bushes of orange leaves. Avery was amazed.

“It may not be much, but it’s home.” Toriel said.

“I think it’s really cool.” Avery replied, Toriel blushed.

So Avery stayed with Toriel, and it she was very happy down there. Avery of course knew about the exit, but she never bothered going down there, she was happy with Toriel. Until one day.

“I’ll be back soon, my child.” Toriel said.

“Ok~” Avery said Happily. She was so happy here, every day with Toriel was a good day. Toriel was going out again, as usual, to check up on a few things around the ruins. Avery was drawing a picture when there was banging on the door.

“Comin’~” Avery said happily. She opened the door and was met with a horrible sight. A huge bipedal cat and a huge bipedal mantis.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Avery screamed as she was grabbed violently and stuffed into a sack. The two strangers carried her far from Toriel’s house.

“Are you sure about this, Bugsy? I mean, we heard rumours, and getting in here was easy, but there as to be a flaw, right?” One of them said.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll be fine, Caline. Are you ready? We gotta do this quick, murder the kid and get the soul in the jar, then we’ll finally get into the Royal Guard! I mean, Buno and Draco got in because Asgore wanted them in from the start.” The other one said.

“Yeah, though have you seen the Royal Guard’s Captain? I mean, she’s kinda on the nutty side.”

“Yeah, whatever. C’mon this looks like a good spot.” Suddenly Avery was thrown out of the bag, and onto a floor. Her ribbon fell off her head.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Avery screeched.

“Sorry, kid.” The Cat said. Several white crosses pelted towards Avery. They hit her right in the chest, smack bam in her little pale blue heart, which had just appeared. Avery felt her body slip away from her, and everything went black. Though Avery was still conscious and thinking, she couldn’t see anything… nor feel her own body anymore. She was just… there…

But meanwhile, back at Toriel's house, the Tree swayed a bit. A few leaves fell innocently onto the floor.
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