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Undertale AU!Tempo: Underswap

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Differences from Undertale!Tempo:

Fight Levels:
  • Atk: 10
  • Def: 5
  • LV: 3
  • Exp: 28
Description: Tempo's a bit chubbier than usual, and her gluttonous behavior explains that. She's not the true pacifist she usually is, but she doesn't go around killing everything in sight, either. In fact, the biggest difference between Tempo original and Underswap!Tempo would be her love for the color pink. You'd never catch Undertale!Tempo dead in anything pink, while this incarnation of her loves the color to bits. Her black hair's dyed baby pink and she has light brown eyes.
Relationships: She's unsure why she ever left her family. Missing them deeply, Tempo is on the verge of regretting entering the Underground or going to Mt. Ebbot on that unforgettable day. She doesn't really like the monsters she's forced to put up with all that much, either, and she's determined to break the barrier and get back home.

Here's a link to most of Underswap's info.
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