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Undertale AU!Tempo: Underfell

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Here's Underfell!Tempo! Man, I am really starting to love spriting! :D

There're some differences between her and Undertale!Tempo, obviously, so here they are:

Fight Levels:
  • Atk: 50
  • Def: 30
  • LV: 19
  • Exp: 72
Description: Now at a reasonable weight, Tempo's bright red hair contrasts greatly against her snow-white eyes. Her hair has a right-side part, bangs that fall to the middle of her eye, and it flows down to her just above her bottom. She has multiple scars littered around her body, but they are mainly hidden from sight by her clothes.
Relationships: She just about hates literally everyone. Good luck finding someone she's fond of.

Here's a link to most of Underfell's info.