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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 8

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes The Chapter that was support to written Midnight last night if the power didn't go out in my town
As the days went by, it was the day before the races and everyone was getting ready for the big events with participation from everyone as most of the males helped lifting the hurdles on the track and Umbre used his skills to determine how far apart the hurdles would have to be and Espey with the other girls decorated the outside stands. Mrs. Leopard was amazed as she said "Well thank you for contributing for our event, we appreciate it but now, you should get back to class right now." As everyone went to class, both Umbre and Espey walked side by side as they smiled and blushed at each other going in to class

As school started passing by, Espey walked through class with a smile on her face. "I can't wait for the race especially when Umbre is going to be there." She said as she blushed to herself. As she kept walking she spotted Umbre with three younger female Pokemon were talking to him;The Pokemon Umbre was talking to was a Vulpix, a Snubbull, and a Kirlia. As quickly as she can, Espey hid and spied at them. "Thanks for the help" said a Vulpix as she blushed. Umbre smiled and scratched his head as he said "It's no problem." As Kirlia interrupt him "Seriously that was amazing what you did for us." She said as Snubbull nodded and all Espey did was spy on them with a rage look as she clutched on to her necklace.

Espey was extremely jealous at what she saw which was interesting because if you met her, she wouldn't seem angry at all unlike Umbre who was never jealous because every time a guy would ask her out, she would say "No" right away. As the three Pokemon waved bye to Umbre, he went to his class while Espey stalked him but as soon as she got close to him a voice yelled at her "HI ESPEY" shouted Marie which scared Espey as she saw Marie and Chu-chu behind her. "Hi Espey, why were you spying on Umbre" Chu-chu smirked. Espey blushed with nervousness as she respond "I-I-I wasn't spying on him, w-w-why would I spy on him? L-L-Let's just go to class." Espey scoffed as she marched to class with blush on her face as both her friend looked at each other with concerned for her. As school was over, Umbre met up with Espey as he said with a blush on his face. "H-H-Hey Espey, since school is over and you don't have practice, W-W-Would you like to walk home w-w-with me?" he asked. Espey was still upset for the afternoon but she smiled as she said "yes."

As they went walking home, the two were silent as they blushed away from the two walked side by side until Espey stopped as she spoke "U-U-Umbre?" she said as Umbre look back at her. "Who were those girls you were talking to in the afternoon?" she asked as she looked down. Umbre was surprised as he looked as he blushed "You saw that didn't you" Umbre asked as Espey nodded. Well here's what happened.[Flashback] As lunchtime came around Umbre was walking to get his lunch when suddenly, Vulpix, Snubbull, and Kirlia were being harassed by three rough Pokemon who didn't even attend school; a Machamp, a Hipmontop, and a Vigoroth. "Come on baby, let's ditch this place" said Vigoroth as they came close but Kirlia said "N-N-No, we won't go." she yelled as it got Umbre's attention. As they brutes ganged up on them, Machamp grabbed Snubbull as assault which got Umbre got angry just seeing what happened but then she bit down on him hard as he let go. "Ouch" he yelled out in pain as he scowled. "That's it, I'm done with you stupid girls" he yelled as he was about to punch them. The three Pokemon were scared and closed their eye but when they opened their eyes, they saw Umbre who blocked their punch which surprised everyone. Umbre said to the three "you guys shouldn't pick on women, you should be more like gentlemen and leave them alone." Umbre smirked. The three Pokemon were steamed at his presence. "You want to fight us you little punk?" Hipmontop yelled out while Umbre scoffed and said "Well them, bring it." as they fought. The three girls were watching the fight as they blushed with their hearts bumped fast as the fight ended. Umbre stand tall while the three were on the ground and with the angriest glare he ever made send a threat to them. "If you ever see you here again, the beating will be a lot worse you got that?" the three males nodded as they fled in fear. Umbre went up to the three girls as he asked "are you three okay?" The three just nodded as they blushed. Umbre was relieved when they were okay. "Well see you later I guess" Umbre said as he ran to meet Espey for lunch. The girls met up with Umbre as they felt heavy as they thanked him. [End of Flashback]

"That's what happened" Umbre said with a smile. Espey gasped as she heard his story with tears in her eyes." You fought them and they didn't confess their love to you" Espey said "Yes, I fought them and No, they didn't they just thanked me" Umbre said. Espey was relived as she heard that "Good" she said as she cried. Umbre saw her crying and stopped her from crying by hugging her which surprised Espey. "It's okay don't cry." he as he held her tight which she did the same. As they stopped the whole mushy stuff, they arrived at Espey's house but before she went in Umbre told Espey" Remember tomorrow the race and I be rooting for you all the way okay?" he said winking with his paws up Espey smiled and blushed as she said "Okay I'll do my best." as she went into her house and Umbre going home for the special event tomorrow which will be spectacular for the two.
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