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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 7

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
During the week, Umbre couldn't wait to see Espey run and even so despite all the school work he had to do instead of daydream, he got everything finished really quickly and yet the best scores ever. After school, both Umbre and Espey went separate was with Umbre going home and Espey staying after school to train for the race which will be open to everyone who visit. Meanwhile, Umbre was walking home when he ran into Max and Growly from their school; as they discuss certain things Max says "So we heard your school is having races and it's open to all visitors." Umbre was confused "Who told you about it?" he asked as Growly smirked as he answered "let's just say a little Fletchling told us." Both Max and Growly daydreamed as they thought with blush in their faces "It will be so amazing to see all the girls in a track uniform?" As they dreamed, Umbre never thought it crossed his mind as he accidentally thought of Espey in her gym uniform. The shear image of it made Umbre flustered with him blushing and a bit of a nosebleed; Umbre defended himself by scolding them. "You guys are so perverted, don't ever think about that!" scowled Umbre which frightened the two Pokemon. Umbre would never think like a pervert but like a gentleman which ladies like. Also he is a really great person but that changes when he snaps which almost never happens. As the two apologize to Umbre, they said there goodbyes and leave for tomorrow.

As Umbre was walking to school, he came across Espey who waved with a smile on her face as she yelled "HI UMBRE, HOW ARE YOU?" as Umbre tried to reply back, the image of Espey in her uniform went to his mind which made him blush as he ran pass her in embarrassment. "I'LL SEE Y-Y-YOU LATER E-E-ESPEY." Umbre yelled out as he ran to school. Espey was puzzled "I wonder what's eating him?" she wondered as she went to class. As school began Umbre couldn't think about anything else as he was in a daze which the girls found it really attractive but Espey was worried. As lunchtime rolled around, Umbre was eating his lunch; still thinking about Espey when all of a sudden, Espey came which made Umbre want to leave. "Please don't leave." Espey said sadly as Umbre stopped. "Why are you leaving me? do you hate me? Please tell me." she said crying quietly that only Umbre could hear her. Umbre couldn't stand to see Espey cry like that because of him. Espey cried but then Umbre wiped her tears which made her stop crying and look up at Umbre as he said "I'm sorry Espey, I was just nervous to see you that I left you, I never wanted to hurt you ever" he said as Espey blushed as they hugged it out. The scene made everyone envious but some liked what they saw that they "ship" it. As the bell ranged, The two made up and Umbre forgot all about the image and Espey forgot why she was crying in the first place.

After class, the two said their goodbyes "Y-Y-You'll still come to see me r-r-race?" Espey said twiddling her paws nervously. Umbre looked at her as he smiled "Of course" he said as he started to pat her head "I wouldn't miss it for the world." The remark made Espey beam with joy "Okay, I'll do my best" she said "Great" Umbre replied as they once again left. As Umbre was walking, he was looking forward to the race wishing her good luck. Meanwhile Espey was training, looking at the moonstone necklace with a blush on her face. "I'll do my best for you, Umbre" Espey said as she trained for her race.
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