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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 5

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
After school, they both said their good-byes and both Umbre and Espey went to do their thing, Umbre went home so he could do his work but before Umbre left, he made a quick stop in the nurse's office assisting the nurse then he went home. As he walked home he ran into his best friends Max Marill and Growly Growlithe who just finished school at Pokemon public school as they walked by. They greeted each other and talked what happened at school; Both Max and Growly had plans for finals and couldn't have any free time. "So what happened at school today Umbre?" Max asked. When Umbre looked back at what happened, he just blushed and ignored the question. Growly looked at Umbre and scoffed "Did you get yourself a girlfriend?"Asked Growly smugly. Umbre blushed brightly like a tamato berry at the thought. N-N-N-No I haven't so please." Umbre said defending himself. "Anyway, we have to go study for that final." said Max looking awkwardly at them. "Yeah okay bye" Umbre said as he waved to his friends as he left but then he realized his school bag in the nurse's office; Umbre looked at the sky and smirked "I'm really dumb" as he went back to the school.

Meanwhile back at the school, Espey was on the track team warming up for a quick race with her team and the only one in the track team she knows very well was Chu-chu because they enjoy running when they were in middle school. Their instructor Mrs. Liepard would record everyone's record time. As soon as finished most of the races, the last ones were Espey and Devie the Delcatty which they were the two fastest in the group and would show no mercy in race yet respected one another as they wished each other luck. "Okay ladies are you ready" shouted Mrs. Liepard as she prepared the countdown "On your mark.....get set....Go" as she blew her whistle. The two raced extremely well but most of the girls would bet on Espey because she was faster than Devie by far in every race. It was neck in neck with each other as they saw the finish line and Espey pulled ahead of Devie but then all of a sudden she thought about Umbre which made her blushed then she fell down hard on the track as Devie won the race. Everyone cheered for Devie except for Chu-chu and Devie who both looked concerned for Espey. "Oh my goodness Espey, are you okay?" Chu-chu said as she ran over to her. Espey stood up and smiled as she said "Oh I'm okay nothing major as she brushed herself off.” But you have a bruised cheek; you need to go see Ms. Chansey in the nurse office’s” said Devie coming up towards them. Espey just nodded and left to the nurse office.

Espey went it to the nurse’s office which was unlocked but no one was there so she waited for her but then Umbre shows up to find his bag but found her. They both blushed at each other but Umbre noticed her cheek “O-O-Oh Espey your cheek; here let me help you” Umbre said as he got the first aid Espey just blushed and said “N-N-No It’s okay I-I-I’ll wait for-“ Espey couldn’t finish her sentence as Umbre was holding on her chin while Umbre helped her. The sensation went to both of them as they were fragile to each other in the moment. As Umbre finished, he was close to Espey’s face as the both blushed as they slowly got close together preparing to kiss, both of their hearts started to race with each moment but then a voice came in “OKAY I’M HERE, WHAT’S GOING ON?” Ms. Chansey yelled out happily. The two Pokemon jumped for embarrassment as they looked at her; “Oh Umbre you’re here what happened” Ms. Chansey asked. Umbre explained it calmly to her about what happened. “Oh okay I get it now you found her like this and helped your girlfriend out.” Ms. Chansey said. The two Pokemon just blushed and were shocked by what she just said as they left school and went home. Both Umbre and Espey were in bed at their own home thinking to themselves. “I really hope Ms. Chansey didn’t mean it like that” they both thought as they went to bed.
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