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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 3

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes Continue........I like writing/typing this story even though no one likes it I just enjoy putting thin in something
During first period, Umbre along with his classmates had math with Mr. Kecleon who were having a test on a Monday no less. "Alright class today we will have a test today to see how much you have learned so far" said Mr. Kecleon while passing out the tests, All the students groaned then Mr. Kecleon said "Okay, you'll have an hour and a half to finish starting now." Every student was having trouble with their test but not Umbre which the test was a breeze for him that he finished in thirty minutes in record time. Umbre used all his free time to think about Espey and drew her and his feelings for her. At one point, a Raichu was having trouble with his test and went to peek at the answers off of Umbre but when he saw what he wrote Raichu was speechless with a blank expression when he saw Umbre looking at him. Umbre blushed and hid his head until the period's over.

When the test was over, Mr. Kecleon announced the homework and with that, first period was over and Umbre went walking with his head down with embarrassment while thinking to himself. "How can I be such an idiot to keep my guard down while the test was going on; I'm so stupid" Out of nowhere, he bumped into someone in the hallway "Oh I'm sorr-" he stopped at mid sentence when he saw who he bumped into. "This the second time we met up like this, if we keep it up this much it will be a regular occasion" she chuckled. It was Espey when he saw her,he flustered in apologizing to her "It's okay but hey since we have the same class next period do you want to walk with me."Espey said a little embarrassed. Umbre was shocked and found it cute to see her ask so he nodded happily. Espey beamed with delight and said "Okay let's go" as they went into their next class.
Their next class was Japanese class being taught by Mrs. Garchomp who was explaining words and passing assignment. "Prepare to learn this class it will be on the test." she said during her lesson plan. Time went by when their class began and for a while Umbre was nervous. "I have to talk to her some more without being nervous. I can't nod forever" With a load of confidence in his soul he began to speak. "Um E-E-Espey" he said with red in his face. "Yeah what is it" Espey replied back with a confused look on her face. "Well I-." Umbre was interrupted by the bell. "Okay there's the bell student prepare for the test in two weeks." Mrs. Garchomp said as the students were leaving. "Oh the bell ranged it's time to go, I'll see you at lunch okay?" Espy said smiling . "O-O-Okay" Umbre said disappointingly. As they leave their classes, it was only a matter of time until they see each other at lunch but until than Umbre will keep his head held high as he confesses his love for his childhood friend.
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