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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 2

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes The Next Day
The next morning, Umbre woke up to the sound of the alarm which read 6:02 in the morning. With a yawn coming out of the tired Pokemon, it was time to start the day once again. Umbre always made his bed before he did anything else that started his day; Umbre was a neat freak when it came to his lifestyle even when he was running late, he cleaned slowly to keep things in order. After making his bed, he went for a nice shower, ate his breakfast that he made, and got ready for school just in time as always. Umbre was a hard worker and very smart but never liked school mainly because other Pokemon but he if it meant he could see Espy, He was more than happy to go.

By the time it was 7:00, Umbre left his house for school to get ready for the whole day but while he was stuck in thought (like he always did), he bumped into someone and fell. "Hey watch where you're going." Umbre yelled out angrily but when he regained his vision, he realized who he bumped into and blushed. "Oh I'm sorry are you okay Umbre." It was Espy going to school which was a coincidence since they both went to the same school. "I'm o-o-o-okay but I-I-I'm very sorry for snapping at y-y-you like that" he said nervously and sincere. Espy just smiled and said "Oh I'm okay but anyway do you want to walk together since we're here?" All Umbre could do was nod his head since he was too nervous to say anything to her."Okay let's go." Espy said excitedly as she was close to Umbre making him scared but happy at the same time as the went to school together.

As the two Pokemon walked side-by-side together, Umbre was nervous to say anything to her. "Come on say something so we can break the tension between us." Umbre thought to himself. Umbre breathed in and yelled out "H-H-How was your morning. " Umbre said quickly. Espy noticed Umbre's question and smiled as she responded. " I'm doing fine thank you and how are you doing on this fine day?" Umbre was nervous but responded "I'm g-g-great thank you. By the time they finished talking, they have already made it to school really quickly. "Well I'll see you later Umbre" Espy said as she waled past him. "O-O-Okay then, see ya." As they were done with there farewells, they went into the school to their classes. Umbre was sad again for not talking to Espy as much but he had school and so did she, they'll meet up again soon. Then the school cell ranged which meant first period began for all to learn.
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