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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 14

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
Later that night, Espey had a dream about Umbre and herself; (dream sequence) both Umbre and Espey were in the park where they first went out. As the two had fun, they embraced each other with blush on their face as Espey spoke "U-U-Umbre" she silently spoke. "Yeah?" Umbre replied as he curiously looked at her. The look on Umbre's face made Espey blush which made it harder to speak " I-I-I had fun and I-I-I want to l-l-let you know that." the tension was really strange especially with Umbre "I-I lo-o-love y-." Well, well, well look what we have here." a voice said. She was interrupted by street pokethugs blacked out so they couldn't see who they are but could see that they wanted was to cause trouble by attacking Umbre. Umbre was viciously attacked with brutal strength which made Umbre bleed. This mortified Espey as Umbre looked up at Espey with blood all over him trying to speak. "E-e-espey.... I love yo..." he said as he coughed up blood. With his final words, his face collapse on the floor. Umbre is dead. Espey was devastated and mortified as she screamed in sadness; (dream sequence ends) Espey woke up, gasping for air realizing that it was a dream as she wipes off her sweat. Espey hugged herself and cried at the nightmare she just had. "I don't want anything bad to Umbre." she cried softly. "Umbre, I love you." she said to herself as she stay the night up crying until morning.

As morning came around, Espey was very tired with bags under her eyes, as well as her eyes being red and her fur messy but ether way, she got ready but didn't look so good. As she started to head to school, she saw Umbre. "Hi Espey." Umbre with a big smile on his face. Espey tried to wave back and respond, a flash of her nightmare was in her head with the blood bashed Umbre in her mind. Espey ran trying to avoid him. Umbre was confused; " I wonder what's going on with Espey?" he wondered as they went to school. Everyone at school were terrified by how Espey looked but it didn't matter to her Espey tried her best to avoid Umbre even when other girls were flirting. Both Marie and Chu-chu were both worried about her. "I'm concerned about Espey." Marie said to Chu-chu as she agreed as they tried to catch up with Espey. "Hey Espey what's up?" Marie said to the scared looking Espey. " O-o-oh Hi guys." she said with a small smile Chu-chu asked with concern " Are you okay? because you look scared do you need to talk about it?" she said but Espey just shook her head but then Marie asked "Is it about Umbre" which made Espey blush and frantically walk away but as she did she bumped in to someone. "Ouch, I'm sorr-" she said as she saw Umbre which made her blush and be afraid. " Hey Espey, can we talk?" Umbre asked with a blush on his face. Espey's was screaming "Yes" but then she had the flash of her nightmare which made her just run away. All the student watched as she accidentally ran into several walls along the way. Umbre was concerned which he made a vow " Before today's over, I'll find out what's going on with Espey." he thought in his head as he goes to class. Both Marie and Chu-chu were just way too confused as they went to class as well.