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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 11

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes I was planning to make a Valentines chapter but I had to make this one first so expect one coming soon
The next morning, Espey woke up with her eyes red because of what happened yesterday and her fur messed up with her tired expression, made it strange to see her. Espey reflected on what happened last night but lost thought when she remembered that she promised that she had to hang out with her friends today so she kept her emotions intact as she got ready to go. Meanwhile, Umbre was already out of bed cleaning his room still thinking about yesterday and it made him upset. "I wish I got to tell her how I felt about her." he said as time went on but he realized he had to meet his friends as well. Umbre got ready to go and as he was locking up his home, he saw Espey walking to meet her friends but as the two met eyes, the two looked away with embarrassment as the two went their separate ways.

Espey made it to the mall where they asked to met; As she went in, Espey spotted Marie and Chu-chu waiting for her. "Hey Espey." Marie said as they started to walk. "So, how did go with Umbre?" she said but as Espey had a flashback on what happened that day, she blushed with the passion. "N-N-N-Nothing." Espey said with a happy little smile on her face with blush. Marie was upset that she couldn't figure out what happened but she was happy with what was happening but Chu-chu was confused at what they were talking about so she kind of miffed. "I wonder what they are talking about?" Chu-chu said but she shrugged at it. "Oh well, I guess I'll ask them later." she said as they all walked and talked with each other. Umbre was walking to meet his friends but he kept thinking about yesterday but the only thing he remembered the most was the feeling of Espey's mouth with his which made him blush as he hit a nearby tree with his head. "Stupid, why am I thinking like that." he said as he kept going. Umbre finally made it in the mall where he saw Max and Growly where they talked before they met up. Both Max and Growly were talking to Umbre about their win against their rivals team in soccer which made Umbre happy for them but Umbre was trying to figure out what to do next about Espey but then all 6 Pokemon met up unexpectedly; Both Umbre and Espey looked away from each other blushing as the others felt uncomfortable until Growly spoke "Hey Umbre, do you know these ladies?" he asked but got no response but only a nod. Marie just introduce everyone. "Hi I'm Marie, this is Chu-chu and Espey." as Chu-chu waved happily and Espey nervously. "Well, I'm Growly and that Max; we are Umbre's friend from along time ago." Growly said as they waved. Growly, Marie, Chu-chu, and Max noticed Umbre and Espey and it didn't take an Alakazam to see they fell for each other so Chu-chu propose something. "Well since we're here, we should hang out together." she said "I agree" Max said as everyone nodded to the idea as they started to walk in the mall, finding out what will happen with everyone especially Umbre and Espey who were walking side by side which made them all interested. As they kept walking Both Umbre's and Espey's friends went off to a side and discuss about them. "Okay do you guys know the plan." Marie asked which everyone nodded with confidence looks. "Good after this, we'll make Umbre and Espey a couple." Marie said as they saw the two blushing away from each other which made everyone prepared for their plan.
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