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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 10 part 1

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
The next day, both Umbre and Espey were getting ready to spend the day with each other which made the two nervous but excited at the same time. Umbre got dress but instead of usual neckerchief, he wore a spiked collar that he only wore on special occasions that was bright red and gold lining and a black watch with a leather strap. Umbre was thinking to himself as he cleaned his house "Today I'm going to tell Espey how I feel and ask her to be my girlfriend no matter what happens." he thought. By the time he finished clean his house, the time read 12:45 which meant it was time to pick Espey up from her house; Umbre locked his house up for the day and walk to Espey's house with a smile on his face when he got to her house and knocked on the door. "Espey, are you ready to go?" Espey responded from the other side. "I'm almost ready just wait for me a little bit." Umbre obeyed her and waited and looked at the sky as he closed his eyes with wonder. Five minutes later, Espey got out the door as she locked her door. "Umbre, I'm ready." Espey said. Umbre looked behind him to see Espey as he looked with amazement and blush. Espey wore a beautiful pink collar with hearts instead of her moonstone necklace and two bows, one on her left ear and one on her tail that brought out Espey's beauty. Espey noticed Umbre looking at her. "U-U-Umbre are you okay" she said with a cute expression on her face. Umbre replied as he smiled. "You look very beautiful today." he said which made Espey blush with embarrassment as she smiled "T-T-Thank you, but where are we g-g-gong to do today." she said. "Well, first I thought we could go to a cafe first to eat lunch, then the movie theater to see the best movies available, and finally the park to enjoy it's wonders." Umbre explained to Espey which impressed her. "Wow, you really thought of everything, that's great." Espey said with amazement. Umbre blushed at the compliment as he scratched his head. "T-T-Thanks, now let's begin." Umbre said as Espey nodded as they walked together.

As Umbre and Espey walked to their first destination, they received a lot of looks from other Pokemon and even some classmates from school; some of were of envious and some were just admiring the pair. Umbre and Espey noticed their stares as they made it to the cafe which was named the PokeCafe; As the two went in the cafe, a Sunflora dressed in a maid outfit greeted them. "Welcome to the PokeCafe, would you like a table inside or outside today?" she said as both Umbre and Espey responded "Outside please." at the same time. Sunflora smiled at the two, "Okay, please right this way." she said as she directed them to their tables. As the two nervous Pokemon sat down, Sunflora gave the two menus as she said, " It'll take a moment but please take your time ordering and someone will take your order okay?" the two nodded as she left. Umbre looked at Espey as he glanced at his menu while Espey did the same and the two blushed at each other as the waitress came up "Okay what would you like to or-." she said as the waitress notice Umbre and Espey as the two were shocked and blush to see who it was. "M-M-MARIE?" Espey yelled out in confusion while Marie was just as embarrassed as she was to see them here." E-E-Espey, w-w-what are you doing here?" Marie said as she blushed hard. Both Umbre and Espey looked at each other and then looked away from Marie. Marie looked irritated as she said "Well if you guys were wondering why I'm here is because I work here to earn some money." as Espey was surprised to hear. "Why didn't you tell me or Chu-chu you worked here?"Espey questioned "It's because It's embarrassing to know I work somewhere that I wait for others and everyone at the school will do the same." Marie said "But anyway let's keep this secret for now, so what would you like to order?" she continued as the two looked at the menu. "I'll have the Cinnabar Burger with fries and nomelaid please."Umbre asked as he handed the menu to her. "Okay, and what will you have Espey?" Marie asked "I-I-I'll just have a Celadon style sandwich with a salad, a oran berry yogurt and an iced tea please?" Espey said as her paw shake to give Marie. "Okay, I'll be back with your order." Marie said as she turned around "Oh by the way" Marie said as she turned back around "You two are a cute couple." Marie smiled slyly as she walked away which made the two blushed.

During their wait, Umbre and Espey had nothing to say to each other what with the events that happened until Umbre broke the silence. "Well, that was an interesting turn of events right?" he asked. Espey smiled "Yes it was." she respond and was at this point that the two just talked away without an nervousness as Marie came back with their food. "Okay here's your food enjoy and don't forget to tip your waitress." she said as she left the table. As the two ate their food, the two couldn't take their eyes off each other which made them blushed but when they were finished eating Umbre noticed Espey's face. "Espey, you got some food on your face." He said as she started to notice. "Oh thank yo-." she said but Umbre quickly grabbed a napkin as he wiped her mouth which made Espey blushed. The other Pokemon walking by noticed them and blushed at the cuteness of their action but this made the two aware of the crowd. Umbre stopped and asked for the check and afterwards they began to leave the cafe. "Thank you for visiting, please come again soon." Sunflora said as they left. Marie was watching them leave as Sunflora came up next to her. "Do you know those two?" she asked Marie. "Yeah, those two are my friend and they go to my school." Marie said as Sunflora smiled "That nice but anyway, let's get back to work." she said "Yeah." Marie replied as she got one final look at the two walking together nervously with blush on their faces as they walk to their next destination. ................ End of Part 1