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Umbre and Charlie

by BurbleBurble

BurbleBurble Five nights at Umbres is a hypothetical game that probably will never happen. If it does, well, you know who made it. This is NOT related to SNaS or inspired by it. Sorry for potato quality, setting up the scanner is tedious. Anyways, here is descriptions for the stars in this one.

Umbre- the reason the name "Dex" is crossed off, is because originally this was a fan game for one of my online friends OC. I eventually deviated from the design, and in the end, replaced the old OC name, "Dex", with something that fit more. In actual talk, Umbre is the star of the show. He, and all of his friends, are Silph Co. developed animatronics, custom made. He is based around a pirate, if the eye patch and hook didn't tip you off. He used to be rivals with fellow pirate Earl the Espeon, but after the...incident, Earl and all references were retconned, but he still slips up sometimes and makes passing mention to Earl. Also to note: he isn't possessed. None of them are at the moment.

Charlie- Charlie has a play kitchen for little kids. Nothing in there is sharp or heavy. She is also the only one who happens to be female. The cupcake in her hand is removable. She is also capable of going through vents to get to the office.

As for the head between the two, thats Umbre's, and Earl's endo head. Just wanted to calarify. I'll upload the rest someother time.
  1. BurbleBurble
    Nah. I never used pen back then...or now to be fair. I really should shift to it though, all my drawings look so flushed.
    Jun 24, 2018
  2. Imperfect World
    Imperfect World
    Is this drawn in pen?
    Jun 24, 2018