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Transformers:More than meets the eye: Transformers:A new beggining part 2

by Rotorstorm Wrecker

Rotorstorm Wrecker Riot and Breakdown,under Megatron's orders are now infiltrating the autobot base and are about to fight off the guards.
Riot held out path blaster "Any last words autobots."Riot asked in a deep voice.Breakdown also held out his neutron assault rifle,"It's two vs nine,I like my odds." Riot stated as he charged towards the autobots and blasted them to pieces with his blaster whilst Breakdown did the rest."Yes that's it pulverise the weak,I saw everything you two did while I was up there and I'm very impressed."Megatron told the two who were now very excited.But then a hologram came on someone was speaking,It was Starscream.