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Request Batch: Trainers Galore! 4

by Astralpunk

image.png image.png image.png
Astralpunk Guess who rode a 4 hour plane ride from Japan, then rode another two hour long plane back to her province and half an hour car ride to her house and still decided to make requests?? That's right, it was me. :)

Thank you so much for waiting so patiently these last few days and I know I haven't been on for a while, but I'm back and in the mood to draw! :D

Requests for:
@The Voltagonist

Requests are back, by the way.
  1. AlphaWolf_Jewel_
    May 24, 2017
  2. Astralpunk
    @ScarDragon Sorry, but I'm not taking new requests anymore.
    May 24, 2017
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  3. AlphaWolf_Jewel_
    Could you do a girl with long pure white hair, Wolf ears, fangs, dragon wings, and a scar across her right eye facing towards her nose? Oh! And A blaziken standing next to her wearing a green scarf that has a skull on it? I know it may be a lot but....plz?
    May 23, 2017
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  4. wout rauwens
    wout rauwens
    this is really awsome you cant say no to this! :D
    Feb 15, 2017
  5. BooBerry
    this is awesome :3
    Apr 30, 2016
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  6. OneModestManaphy
    Apr 27, 2016
  7. Mewtwofan259
    Apr 27, 2016
  8. Kaben and Madeleine
    Kaben and Madeleine
    a request of kaben and madeleine with eevee and manaphy
    Apr 26, 2016
  9. Bluefeather
    :) You're so kind! I'll like to request something . . .
    Girl with blue hair, blue eyes, white shirt with a black Pokeball design on the front. She can be leaning forward, hugging her Ninetales. Thank you so much!
    Apr 26, 2016
  10. Zamcio
    Damn... :o
    Great job! I'd love to have one with OC! ♥ (but I can wait :D)
    Trainer: link
    Pokemon: Pichu with blue sack on its back working as its backpack
    Pose: your invention
    Apr 26, 2016
  11. trainer_ruben
    Love your style!
    Apr 26, 2016
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  12. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    Can you draw my trainer with Yandere- Chan hair?
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Red
    Clothes: A white shirt with a purple hoodie. A skirt. Long white and purple socks. White sneakers on one foot and purple sneakers on the other.
    Pokemon: Purrloin
    Apr 26, 2016
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  13. Karli
    I would love for you to draw Karli too... if you could... :?:)
    Apr 25, 2016
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  14. Mewtwofan259
    Thank you so much!
    Apr 25, 2016
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  15. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 25, 2016
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  16. Aaronimations
  17. Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Dis is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I luv it!!!!!! Man you know how to draw!!!!!!! :)
    Apr 25, 2016
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  18. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Damn, you either have some incredible energy or some serious dedication. I salute thee.
    Also, you. Are. Amazing. As always. :love:
    Apr 25, 2016
  19. LokaMocha
    If it's not too much to ask, could draw Skye with Gale?
    Apr 25, 2016