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Totally not suspicious guy coming through

by Loyaldis

rocket Grunt.png
Loyaldis Based on my Pokemon Go Avatar.
Grunts want to feel cute in their time off, too.

Pretty bad in stealing items and pokemon.
Pretty good in stealing your man.
  1. Nilion
    I can only imagine how the interview went. XD
    Jul 23, 2021
    GalaxyEspeon likes this.
  2. Loyaldis
    yeah, realized that as well later on
    Can't complain, though. They are on the same stupidity level.
    Jul 16, 2021
    Trickster~ and GalaxyEspeon like this.
  3. GalaxyEspeon
    My guy looks like a black version of that guy from yarachin b**ch club.

    No offense.
    Jul 16, 2021
    Trickster~ and Loyaldis like this.
  4. Shikowara
    I wouldn't mind being swooped myself if they don't mind women~
    Jul 16, 2021
    =Nightshade= and Midnight Heart like this.
  5. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    They can swoop me off any time. :halo:
    Jul 15, 2021