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Pokemon crossovers: Total Drama Pokemon prologue

by Chestnut Wind

Chestnut Wind Lindsay finds a Mewtwo which brings Pokemon to the island.
Lindsay was bored one day in Total Drama All Stars.

Lindsay: Uggghhh..

When she spotted something.

Lindsay: WTF is that shit.

It was an alien. Or at least, that's what Lindsay thought.

Lindsay: Hi alien! Me Lindsay. Do you understand.

???: Shut up, will you.

Lindsay gasped.

Lindsay: You know English? What are you anyway?

???: I'm Mewtwo. I'm a Pokem-

Lindsay: MewTWO!? Where's Mewone?

Mewtwo: Uggh!

An explosion of aquamarine light hit Lindsay's face and covered the island.

Hey guys! I'll update when I can, school is backing me up from updates. Ok bye!!