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Top Ranger Cerise

by R Envoide

Rival_edited.jpg Ranger_edited.jpg
R Envoide Forced bro to make more characters :33
This Character is basically a Rival's mom
She's also gonna be more than just a family
character that just stays at home all the time XP
but then blah blah blah, done.
Aww, come on bro, explain more
As I've already stated before ~ I'm not even sure if I'm gonna make an actual game
WE are definitely gonna make one (Mostly Dray-Dray tho :D)
even if it takes years due to real-life duties
so what... we'll do this when we have nothing to do??
not exactly, but kinda close XD
pffft, fine. I'mma pack my things now so I'mma afk
well then... umm... :p boop