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Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Favorite Legendary Pokemon!

by RPGMinx

RPGMinx Top 10 Tuesdays every Tuesday!
This Tuesdays theme is... Top Ten Fave Legendary Pokemon!!! And this was suggested by @Lord Of Pain !!! sorry this was really late! the forums were down so i wasnt able to post! Anyways... here's the top ten!

10. M1ss1ngN0!!1! th3 r34s0n 1 h4-3 h1m 1s b3c4----
9. Kyogre! the reason i love kyogre is because he's so cute!
8. Ho-Oh! the reason i love ho-oh is becau- HO-ohhhhh :(
7. Meloetta! the reason i love meloetta is because shes a little musical fairy!
6. Genesect! the reason i love genesect is because computers are life.
5. Mew! the reason i love mew is because... well... mew.
4. Jirachi! the reason i love jirachi is because jirachi has a cute look!
3. Reshiram! the reason i love reshiram is because he's white and fluffy! all ya gotta know.
2. Solgaleo! the reason i love solgaleo because he's a cute fire lion and he's related to pyroar and pyroar is one of my fave pokemon! so you might see pyroar at 4 in my next top 10!
1. Yveltal! the reason i love yveltal is because he was in my Y game! and i really love him!

Thanks for reading!!! Hope you enjoyed this Top 10!

Next Tuesdays Top 10 Is... Top 10 Fave Pokemon!

Baii Baii!