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My Journey Through Sinnoh!: Toki beats the Ghost GYM!

by JadeStar

JadeStar My Toki defeated the entire gym basically on her own, it was amazing! :love:

I am having so much fun making simple doodles like these :D And I am also enjoying my journey through Sinnoh! Thanks @Hecotoro and @Clite of Dragonbow of recommending this game to me :)
  1. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    No, you may spread team Comet might through the Unova and I gonna soon continue my mission in kanto.
    Gonna beat Giovanni and show we are better than team rocket. XD
    (Yes, I am assuming that you joined the best evil team)
    Nov 26, 2020
  2. Hecotoro
    @Clite of Dragonbow I already finished Sinnoh, so I'm in Unova right now. But I could drop by I guess xD
    Nov 26, 2020
    Clite of Dragonbow likes this.
  3. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    Nov 26, 2020
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  4. Hecotoro
    Looks great! If you manage to make it to Unova let me know and we can hang out xD
    Nov 25, 2020
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