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To be a Master: To be a Master part 2

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog Part 2 of a story loosely based on the Pokemon sun and moon games about three trainer starting there Pokemon journey all three main characters are from different regions and have a Pokemon from that region as there starter, (and no they are not one of the starters Pokemon from those regions) one trainer wants to be the best like no one ever was, another wants to entertain the people, and the last one dose her best to keep the other two in line (one more than the other) and stop the likes of the teams skull rocket magma aqua plasma galactic and flare from getting there way
location: route 1

Jade (walking): so where are you guys from? Based on how you two dress you can't be from Alola.

Winter (walking): me and my family have only lived here for about a year originally we are from floaroma town in sinnoh and i met Theodore just out side of town when i was little.

Markus (walking): Jade you stayed in my house and saw we where still unpacking where do you think we are from?

Winter (walking): so where are you from then?

Markus: walking born and raised in the Hoenn region in petalburg city with my mother.

Winter: where is you mother i don't think i have seen her?

Markus probubly still wating for me and dad to get back from our father son trip to Johto.

Jade: Markus this is the Alola region not Johto.

Markus: Oh we know (turns his head in response to a sound he herd)

Winter: Here we are Hau'oli city

Location: Hau'oli city

Jade: Alright now let's find the trainer school so we can get our next crystal

Markus: Yeah you guys go find that and I will go find somewhere good to eat. (walks off)

Lillie (running up to Jade and Winter): I finally caught up with you.. two. Where is Markus?

Winter: He went to go find food.

Lillie: Oh well anyway the proffesor forgot to give you guys these. (fights with her bag and what ever is inside it then pulls out three pokedex's) They are pokedex they automatically records the data on every pokemon it sees and when you guys see Markus could you guys give him his? I'm going to go shopping maybe get a better bag. (walks off)

Jade: Alright let's go find that school now.

(Winter and Jade walk off in search of the trainer school)


Markus (holding two cheese burgers with hero next to him holding his own burger): Alright time to chow down (A tail is sticking out of a bush catches is eyes) hmmm.....

(Markus walks over to the bush and before he can examine the bush a yellow and black Blur runs out of the bush up Markus leg and steals one of his cheeseburgers)

Markus (Turning in the direection the blur went): HEY! (Sees a Pichu with short spiky hair eating the stolen cheese burger a few feet away) crafty little guy (quickly throws a pokeball at the Pichu)

(The pokeball hits the Pichu causing it to throw the burger in the air as it is sucked into the ball Markus then runs over and catches both the burger in one hands and the Pokeball in the other the ball shakes a few times then makes a clanging sound)

Markus: Now you and the burger are mine! (The Pokeball opens up letting the Pichu out who took back the burger and continues eating it)

Markus (Puting the Pichu on his shoulder) Fine I guess you can have it. (points at is other burger) But this one is mine! Now lets go see if they found the trainer school yet come on hmm. I got to call you something... I'm gonna call you Spike. (walks off)

Location: Trainer school outside

Jade: If Markus had waited a few mintues we could have started this trial already.

Winter: We don't have to wait for him or find him we could take the trial and tell him about it later.

Jade: That is true we could tell him later.

Markus (walking up to the school with a half eaten burger and Spike on his shoulder): Sup guys what did I miss.

Jade: Where did you get that?

Markus (looking at his burger then back to Jade): The burger place down the street. I told you guys I was going to get food.

Winter: She meant the thing on your shoulder.

Markus: Oh this is Spike my new Pichu he stole my other cheese burger. (Looks at Spike who is still eating the stolen burger)

Jade: Oh before I forget Lillie wanted us to give you this Pokedex (hands Pokedex to Markus) Now let's go see if we can find the trial captain.

Markus: The who?

Winter: Trial Captains are the people who administer the trials for the island challenges.

Markus: OH who is the captain we are looking for.

Jade: Ilima. They are supposed to be inside the school.

Markus: Alright lets get this over with.

Location: inside trainer school

(After wondering the trio finally find captain Ilima)

Jade: Excuse me but are you captain Ilima?

Ilima: Why yes I am. You three must be Jade, Winter, and Markus.

Winter: Yes but how do you Know that?

Ilima: Hula called telling me to keep an eye out also you should know Hala was supposed to give you your grand trial.

Winter: grand trial?

Ilima: Its supposed to be the last trial before you move on to the next island but Hula got impatient.

Markus: Good to know but can we get this trial over with I don't want to spend more time in this school then I have to.

Ilima: Okay then seeing as we are in a school I will ask you each three question answer all three correctly and pass the trial but get even one wrong and suffer the consequences and begin!

Markus: this is why i hate school!

Ilima: i will start with jade first, question one: what pokemon leaves is barely seen but when present one could smell a faint sweet sent?

Jade: thats easy, its Gastly though it is strange how it leaves a sweet sent even though it is made of 95% poisonous gases.

Ilima: Correct! now for question two: This pokemon lives in lakes and is often left offerings by purple who believe it may control the weather, what is it?

Jade: Give me a hard one, dragonair another rumor about dragonair is that if you see it at the start of the year, flying through the sky and twisting its body, you’ll be healthy all year long.

Ilima: Aren't you a smart one Jade that is correct! now for your final question: what pokemon is popular but rare and those who have one are often the target of thieves?

Jade: i said give a hard one not an easy one. Clefairy and some people believe that they are from the moon like the moon stones they use to evolve into Clefable.

Ilima: Well you pass with flying colors jade her is your z-crystal (hands jade a z-crystal) now for young Winter your first question: what pokemon reacts to every thing that moves but will some times hurt it self trying to bite its pray?

Winter: ummm (puase to think for a moment) i believe that would be Gible?

Ilima: correct next question: what pokemon secretes a purple fluid that is believed to be sweat when it senses danger?

Winter: i know that one its shellos i used to see them near my old home town back in Sinnoh.

Ilima: correct again winter final question: what pokemon has a habit of kidnapping children but leaves the heavy one behind?

Winter: those things give me the creeps that would be drifloon and i try not to think about what they do with the kids they take.

Ilima: you pass winter here is your z-crystal (hands winter a z-crystal) and truth be told those things give me the heebeegeebees. and finally Markus your first question is if a salamance is traveling at 200mph going east and a flygon is flying at 100mph in a curcle to create a sand storm in the desert what is my favorite dessert?

Markus: wait... what?ummm four?

Ilima: wrong the answer we were looking for was pie.Next question if a sharpedo hits a metagoss at top speed who could inflate a life size wailord balloon the fastest me or this school's over weight lunch lady?

Markus: umm... you?

Ilima: Wrong again! do you think im full of hot air or something huh?huh?

Markus okay this is just not...

Ilima: final question! what are they serving for lunch in the cafeteria for the next three days?

Markus (sniffs the air): finally one i can get right sloppy joes with apple wood smoke bacon on toasted cinnamon bread!

Ilima: Wrong this school dose not have a cafeteria! wow you got all three wrong and you call your self a trainer your punishment will be unque... since you hate schools so much you must spend the next three years attending every class this school has to offer!

Markus (angrily): Oh distortion world no! that is not happening you rigged those question now i want a fair chance at this trial! since you don't want to ask questions someone could actually get right i demand you battle me for the z-crystal!

Ilima: and why should i?

Markus (with a snarky tone): whats wrong afraid to put your money where your mouth is and back up your so-called higher education or is it because you cant battle to save your life?

Ilima: Fine then your on! (Sends out Yungoos)

Markus: now thats more like it! lets knock some heads Hero! (sends out Hero) hero use confusion on Yungoos!

(Hero's green hair lifts up to reveal hero's eyes angrily locking eyes with Ilima's Yungoos then goes cross-eyed then hero's hair drops back down Ilima's Yungoos grabs its head in pain)

Ilima: Yungoos shake it off and use pursuit!

(Ilima's yungoos dashes around and rams its head into hero's chest, hero quickly grabs hold of yungoos's head)

Markus: hero! use confusion at point blank range!

(Hero while holding on to Ilima's yungoos whips his head back throughing his hair up when as he dose then angrily locking eyes with Ilima's Yungoos then goes cross-eyed, Hero releases yungoos who drops to the floor unconscious)

Markus: alright hero you earned some rest, so teach you had enough or do you want to go for one more?

Ilima: i'll show you! (sends out Smeargle)

Markus: should have quit while you had the chance Spike your up...(turns to see spike taking a nap on a near by back pack) SPIKE! (Spike wakes up seeing what going on gets up off the back pack and runs over infront of Markus) just use thundershock on the Smeargle.

(spike uses thundershock and misses Ilima's Smeargle do to being still groggy from just waking up)

Ilima: Smeargle use ember!

(smeargle shots hot embers from its mouth spike nonchalantly steps to the side avoiding the attack)

Markus: okay one more time! this time hit the smeargle spike.

(spike uses thunder shock and actually hits the smeagle knocking it out in one shot)

Markus: there you go spike thats more like it!

Ilima (angrily): (growling) alright fine here is your z-crystal. (throws a z-crystal at Markus)

Markus: aren't you for getting something

Ilima (angrily): and what is that?

Markus: the stupid dance thing to activate the crystal.

Ilima (angrily): (quickly preforming the pose for normaliumZ) there now go away you delinquent.

Markus: can do come on guys lets go get some food i'm starving. (runs out of the school through the front door)

Jade: i want to apologize for his disrespect (runs after Markus out the front door)

Winter: bye...(walks to and out the school door)