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This is not a love song.: TINALS Christmas Special

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Because I felt like it.
Once upon a time, during the most magical night of the year, there was a young man, having the night of his life. There was magic in the air, as well as love and... Drugs? That can't be right... Well anyways, magic, love, drugs and... What? Seriously? Okay... And blood. Anyways, a wonderful Christmas Eve. Starting with a young couple in love...

"What it is?" She shakes the box trying to figure out what's inside. She is adorable isn't she?

"Wait until you open it, otherwise it ruins the surprise." I say with my cool intelligent voice. That's right, I have one of those now. "Say is your dad home?"

She sighs and gives me an annoyed look. She looks so pretty when she does that. "Obviously. You two spend a lot of time together lately. Which is good, but I want you with me tonight."

Someone call the police, this woman stole my heart. "Sure, I'll just say hi to him and then go with you okay? I don't want to be rude."

She hugs me and smiles. "10 minutes." She whispers into my ear.

I love her house. As I step inside the warm smell of food tickles my nose and wakes up my hunger. The smoothing sound of Christmas music goes perfectly with the decorations and atmosphere her mother has created. They always make me feel nice and welcomed.
Her father looks at me and nods. I nod back and smile. That's our greeting, it seems simple but it says a lot. Her mother waves and then hugs me, kiss on the cheek. She loves me. They all do, I am with the perfect family.

. . .​

The night went well. We had a delicious dinner, played "Clue" and then opened gifts. Ever seen that one Christmas movie where at the end everyone sits around the tree and laughs and you can see love in the air? That was my night.

Here we are. Outside, watching the night sky. I look into her eyes and she looks into mine. She leans close to me. Her perfume, her lips, her warmth is driving me crazy. I love her and there's nothing that will keep me from her.

Did we just hear a gunshot? Do I hear a scream? I grab her hand and we run inside. Unfortunately, there's a group of shady men wearing nice black suits pointing their guns at me. This looks bad.