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The Draft Folder: This Is A Really Stupid Crossover

by Aura

Aura So for whatever reason I was pondering what the cast of MHA would look like as Pokemon. It was all fairly straight forwards, until I got to Todoroki. There's not really any Pokemon I could think of that are equally fire and ice focused... and then this idea jumped to mind. In hindsight, having him be a Vulpix might make a bit more sense since the colours match quite closely, but Ninetails is really fun to draw. I don't really feel like colouring this though, so here's just the linework of it.
  1. Keleri
    *a really rad crossover
    Nov 18, 2018
    Aura likes this.
  2. Dove_the_Fox
    Wow this is really good
    Nov 3, 2018
    Aura likes this.