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Rebels and Gods: Thieves of the Banished: Chapter 1

by NotATrace

NotATrace [Sorry if it's long]
I made this ages ago, Figured it would be OK for a first work.
Any feedback is very much appreciated ;D
(Also I'm still unsure about a title, any suggestions??)

The school bell rings loudly and echo’s through the hallways. I take my seat at the far corner just as I usually do. By the time everyone settles down, homeroom has begun. The teacher begins announcing that after this class, we were to have a lock down drill. Much like a fire drill, however instead we hide inside our classrooms under desks and such, until we hear the chime for the end of the drill. The students complained;
“But that’s so boring!” complained a girl in the row in front of me. I thought about how ironic that sentence was, considering that everything in the world was boring. I must have been too caught up in my thoughts because the chime for the beginning of the drill had sounded. The teacher instructed everyone to hide underneath their desks while he proceeded to lock the doors and windows. If this were a real lock down, our class would be the first to be found. Everybody was giggling and chatting, and I wondered what it must be like to be so carefree. Amidst the chattering students, I heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps. No one else seemed to notice because they were too busy with their discussions, but I can hear it. After a few minutes, the teacher must have noticed also because he told us all to quiet down. He probably thought it was the principal coming to check on us; foolish man. I could hear more than one pair of footsteps; I knew that this was definitely not the principal. ‘5 people; all adults.’ I thought. Their footsteps were soft but not silent. They were getting closer and closer, until they finally stopped in front of our door. I could feel my skin prickling as I waited for what was coming. I heard the sound of the door unlocking and didn't dare to move my eyes away. Before anything else could be said, the door opened with a loud crash, and standing in the door way was not the principal as the teacher had suspected, but a group of people as I had estimated earlier.

I counted them as they walked in. ‘2…3…4 yep 5.’ As I counted, I made note of their features; The first to walk in was a man who looked roughly 25 in age, he had short but wavy hair that was colored a deep red, the kind you see in the last few seconds of the sunset. He was thin and the colour of a gentle tan with green eyes that seemed to stand out like emeralds. He had a number of piercings on his nose, ears, eyebrows and I’m sure his tongue also. The next was a woman who looked the same age, however her height gave away how much older she must be. I would have guessed around 30? Her eyes were a deep pink, almost that of a bloody red. She had long lightly colored hair that seemed to wrap around her shoulders and the edge of her face. She also had piercings on her ears, but nowhere else that could I see showed evidence of any more. The next person was a solid man, dark in skin and masculine. He was larger than all of them, with a simple cut of black hair. He seemed to be in his early 40's. His eyes were hard to see as he was glaring in nothing more than a squint; however I noticed the gentle glow of a yellow light, so I predicted that his eyes were amber in colour. Another man came next, only as I look closer, he isn't a man, but a boy. He only seemed a little older than me; he’s unusually tall which made me mistake him for an adult. However his complexion and the way he follows after the others signify that he is in fact much younger than the rest. He looked like an ordinary teenager, only without the annoying spunk that boys seem to carry now-a-days. His hair was reasonably long with a cowlick parting his mild-brown hair unevenly at the front. Like the others, he had extremely bright eyes that were a gorgeous blue in colour. I could not examine him for much longer, as I knew that their leader would be next. I braced myself for I had no idea as to what he may be like. The sole of a shoe signals that he has entered, and already I am impressed. He was a young man, seemingly the same age as the woman from before. He wore his hair to his shoulders, which seemed to shine a glossy black. His eyes had no exception; they radiated a bright white glow as he entered the room. The room fell silent as the five mystery beings stood before us. The stupid teacher tried to stand up and question the visitors, however the moment he moved a single limb, he was forcibly shoved onto the ground with a loud bang. I don’t know if he was dead or just unconscious because I didn't notice him move afterward.

The room fell silent. ‘Funny that it takes a dying teacher to shut up a classroom.’ I thought in amusement. The group also seemed amused as they assumed positions at the front of the class; the leader in white took a seat on the teacher’s desk, the woman and boy stood beside him, with the larger black man, and the fiery-haired man squatting down along the edges, forming the perfect gang-like positioning. If I was normal, I too would be squirming and crying under my desk as most of the class is doing. However, normal is the one thing that I am not. These people are obviously not your average gangsters; normal gangsters wouldn't dare attempt to infiltrate such a high class school, just the fact that these people were able to enter is proof in itself that they are different. Next is their clothing; there is no pattern, no symbol, nothing that shows an identity of the group. There is also the wide spread range of members, from a man in his 40’s to a teenage boy? That doesn't happen often, there is usually an age limit to the group and this one’s doesn't exist. Before I could proceed with my analysis, one of the boys decided to play the hero and actually threatened the emerald-eyed man with his wealth.
“I belong to one of the richest families in the country! If you lay even a finger on me then I ‘ll–” Before he could finish, the woman had approached him with speed too difficult for the human eye to see clearly. She held a dagger to the boys neck in a matter of seconds and giggled when she saw the fear in his eyes.
“You’ll what? Sue us? What a funny boy you are!” The boy was terrified to the point where he fainted. “Already? No fun.” She made a face of disappointment; however there was obvious amusement in her eyes. After that, no one made another attempt at standing up to the intruders.
After a short time, the leader began to speak; his voice was loud yet soft as it fluttered through the room.
“Good Morning everyone. I apologize for our untidy entrance, however I’m afraid we have a tight schedule, and it is of the utmost importance that we stick to it. I would like to ask all of you to please stay seated for a little while; we are just going to check a few things that are around the classroom.” There was a small pause. “Thank you very much for your cooperation.” He gave a dazzling smile as he thanked everyone; his skin seemed to radiate a soft glow as an angel would in a storybook. Before the group could begin searching I raised my hand as one would to ask a question during a class. The glowing man had looked in my direction, smirking at my gesture. “Yes my dear, do you wish to say something?” He asked in a tone that would comfort a child.
“I would like to request that I read my novel while you are going about your business, if that’s not too much trouble.” I asked calmly and without expression. I noticed that the man with the fire-like hair turned my way and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Not out of curiosity, but surprise and frustration. “Hah? What’d you just say you little...” He was cut off by the woman who raised her hand in front of him.
“Stop it Chit.” She warned him, he was about to argue back however the glare in her eyes made him think otherwise. Instead he turned his head away in anger and she lowered her hand. “How about it Hidden?” She asked the leader. ‘Hidden? Chit?’ The peculiar nature of these names confused me and led me to assume that they were using code-names. The one called Hidden held out his hand in front of him, a kind and yet arrogant gesture, and smiled.
“Please my dear, go ahead. Never let it be said that I would prevent one from experiencing the magnificence of literature.” I nodded my head in thanks and lifted myself off the ground and into my seat. I knew now that I was the subject of attention throughout the classroom, and honestly I didn't care. I sat at my desk and began to immerse myself in my book, where the outside world didn't matter.
Chapter 7
A new friend.

‘What is a friend?’ I thought to myself. Is it simply a person that displays kindness towards me? Or is it someone who cared about me as a top priority? Perhaps I have to consider them a friend before they can consider me one? I honestly don’t know the right answer, for there are so many different choices.

As I read over the paragraph, I wondered the same thing. ‘What is a friend?’ The thought echoed over and over in my mind. However my thoughts were interrupted by a small voice coming from the window. As I turned my head, I noticed the boy with the ice-cold stare standing beside my desk, looking down at me expectantly. “What’s it about?” he asked again, acknowledging that I hadn't heard him the first time.
“Oh, well, a girl.” I told him. He kept his expression simple as his eyes bore into me.
“Is that it?” He asked plainly.
“Well, it’s about a girl and her journey through life. You know self-discovery and all that.” His expression remained calm but his eyes reflected the confusion behind it. He opened his mouth as if to say something else, but it was interrupted by a loud crash and an angry growl.

“IT’S NOT HERE!” shouted the one known as Chit.
“You haven’t been looking hard enough!” replied the female in an equally as angry voice. The boy beside me sighed sadly, as if ashamed of his comrades fighting. As the two continued to bark at each other, my eyes drifted to the leader. He was still sitting atop the desk however he was no longer smiling; he appeared unamused.
“That old goat! He tells us to get this stupid thing but we don’t even know what it looks like!” Chit cursed. At that instant, I knew what they were looking for. I felt stupid for not figuring it out sooner. I sighed under my breath and went back to my book. Somewhere amidst all of the fighting, one of the girls in my class had begun to cry; sobbing louder and louder by the minute. I lifted my eyes from the pages to recognize the face of the girl. Her family is one of the wealthiest in the school, yet not once have I heard her brag about it. I've noticed that she’s a bit of a cry baby, but no matter how many tears flow she always had the sweetest smile. She appeared quite modest in nature.
The larger black man stretched his arm out towards my weeping classmate; neither out of annoyance nor frustration, but with a seemingly caressing attitude instead. I couldn't help the slight frown that formed on my face as I watched this motion. The girl raised her head just as the man’s hand was only inches from her face, before he could react she let out a scream like that out of a horror film. He retracted his hand with an expression of shock and…could that be sadness? She was now holding her hands on either side of her face as if to protect herself, her entire body was shaking from head to toe. The man lowered his head so that I could no longer see the slits of yellow light emanating from his saddened eyes. By then, the two had stopped arguing and were staring awkwardly either at the roof or a wall, anywhere that they could avert their eyes too. The whole room had gone silent for what felt like a lifetime. Once it had seemed like enough, Hidden put up his hand in the air and asked; “Sorry to interrupt once again, however perhaps some of you could help us with our little problem?” Almost as if asked for, there was a noise behind the teacher’s desk; a grunt of pain and unease. From behind the desk raised the unmistakable face of the teacher, whom had a large bruised cheek from the earlier blow. He didn't seem to realize at first where he was, or what was happening around him.

“Perfect timing teach’!” Called Chit, his expression suddenly enlightening at the appearance of the distant teacher. He approached the unsteady man with ease and only when he was within inches from his face did the teacher finally notice what had happened. At his realization, he tensed his expression to that of distress. I was surprised that he didn't faint once again. Chit approached him slowly, each step echoing as he proceeded closer and closer to the teacher. His eyes grew wide with fear as sweat trickled down his forehead. Chit stopped abruptly only center meters away from the teacher. He leaned his head in closer and closer to his fear-stricken face, an evil smirk spread all across his chin. He spoke slowly, with each word more intimidating than the next.
“Where is it Teach’?” The teacher didn't answer, whether it was from the will to keep it hidden or from fear, I do not know.
“I said, where is it!?” He extended his arm and raised it above him to bring down a heavy blow onto the frightened teacher. Before he could proceed to bring forth the punch, the teacher had fallen to his knees and cowardly screamed;
“IT’S HER! IT’S HER! SHE’S THE ONE!” He cried through pitiful tears and snorts, pointing a wavering finger in my direction. The group followed his gesture questioningly. There was a moment’s pause as I sat in my seat, breathing in the words of the novel, perfectly calm.
“HAH??” Chit yelled so unexpectantly, that he caused a few shrieks among the class. “YOU TRYIN’ TO PISS ME OFF OLD MAN!?” He held the teacher by his collar, holding him threateningly close to his face. I had noticed that through his anger, I could see his eyes glow a deeper green and seem to flare up slightly. The teacher must have noticed this too, for he shrieked at the mere sight of it.
“Chit” Chit turned his head in fury, not realizing who it was that had called to him. Hidden had gradually stepped off of the table and begun to approach Chit. Chit’s face had eased at Hidden’s approach; however his hold on the teacher remained. Hidden was smirking devilishly, he turned to look at me. It was only a split second, but in that moment I felt a chill run down my spine, that of which I had never felt before. He raised his hand and gestured with a gentle yet firm finger, as if saying ‘Come here’. I waited a few moments so as to put my novel back under my desk, and then I proceeded to follow the waving finger with ease. As I walked forward, I un-expectantly felt my arm being tugged towards the floor. I turned my head in surprise to see that the girl from before was desperately clinging to me in hopes that I wouldn’t leave.
“Please don’t go.” She whispered. I was frozen in astonishment at these words. Through large tears she lifted her head to face mine and I could see, not fear, not sadness, but worry appear in her soft eyes.
‘She’s worried about me?’ I let myself think. My thoughts were interrupted by the once again noisy voice of Chit.
“Jeez, you just don’t know when to quit!” He sighed with annoyance. In a few long strides he was beside us, his leg raised high above his head, ready to deliver a fatal blow onto the girl.

[END of chapter one]
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