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The World Of Pokemon!: The world of pokemon! #1

by PikaLink12

PikaLink12 The 1st instalment of this. Its about a world that a 13 year old kid gets wisked into the pokemon world. ( Mystery Dungeon)
"Are you okay"?.... He heard faintly in darkness "Hey he's waking up"! The kid got up and saw a Oshawott... Not a normal one but a talking one... "Who are you"? Asked the Oshawott.....

Next article preview....

"My name is Max"... said the kid who might be a pokemon... "Well Im Osh the Oshawott"!
"And if your not a pokemon then why do you look like a....
Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did I appreciate that ill put the next chapter out next article! Thank you so much!;) Bye
  1. PikaLink12
    The chapters wont be this short that was the prolauge...
    May 17, 2015