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The Warm Rivalry: Prologue

by FableFlame

FableFlame Two trainers that knew each other since childhood this is how the two champions Gwen and Mint came to be
We start off with Gwen assistants putting on her cape as the announcer said "and now here is the Fire Queen it Gwen" her eyes opened and her crimson red eyes started to shimmer as she started walking to the arena. She looked the arena when the went wild they loved her she smirked and waved to all of them as the announcer interrupted them and yelled "now folks here he is the King of Ice it Mint" a man walked out with the same cape as her but blue. The man standing in front of her was Mint her childhood friend and rival she stared at his Icy blue eyes as he stared back at her smiling when the announcer interrupted again by saying "now folks here is the battle that will decide it all legend vs legend who will win this epic battle" . They smirked and shook hands as they walked to there sides and turned facing each other as it was dead silent when the announcer broke the silence by saying "let the battle begin". both Gwen and Mint put on there masquerade mask and grabbed their first pokeball for Gwen it was a love ball for Mint it was a dusk ball they barley tossed the pokeball as a Glalie with red eyes popped out of the Pokeball and a Black Charizard came out as the announcer said " Wow already staring with there shiny pokemon they mean business ". They smirked and they said quietly " Just like when we were kids don't ya think".
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