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The Wallflower and the Concert: The Wallflower and the Concert {Chapter 2}

by Iceblossom

Iceblossom Blossom is slowly relaxing, until she has a major panic attack and almost needs to leave. Lily knows how to help her, though. Again, Lily is credited to @Starfall and "Weird Al" Yankovic is credited to himself, I guess. :)
Blossom was easing into the concert. The opening acts were pretty good, but Blossom couldn't wait until "Weird Al" came out. Blossom turned towards Lily, who was far more excited than her. Blossom's gaze flew over to the front row of seats, where a Mosh Pit was forming. She shuddered, but was glad she wasn't in the first few rows. Their seats were towards the back, but her elevated so no one could block their view. Suddenly, a wave of anxiety crashed onto Blossom. She felt her shoulders tense up, and her lip started trembling. Lily seemed to notice, because she gave Blossom a concerned look.
"You okay, Bloss?" Lily asked.
Blossom shook her head, tears forming in her eyes. "Egh..." Was the only noise she made. Lily grabbed Blossom's hand and held it tightly. Blossom recoiled, and began to cry. She was shaking. "Blossom, we can go back to the hotel if you need to." Lily smiled, and looked at Blossom with assurance.
"B-But I... I don't w-want to ruin tonight f-for you." Blossom stuttered. Lily reached over and hugged Blossom.
"It's okay, silly. Besides, you're with me. There are also many Pokemon guards here. You're safe, I promise." Lily nuzzled Blossom with a smile. Blossom looked at Lily, and laughed.
"I-I guess you're right." Blossom looked at Lily, and Lily smiled at her.
"Let's just enjoy the rest of the opening acts. Besides, "Weird Al" is going to be awesome!" Lily grinned, and kept watching the concert. Blossom sighed, and watched the concert as well.
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