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the true story of Kathleen

by The_life_as_a_shadow

The_life_as_a_shadow yea this is the true story of my one and only.
So if you RP with me I usually have a character called Kathleen chaser with me. This work is the story and an explanation on why I use Kathleen and were she came from.

The name:
Kathleen is my middle name and is just a name I highly enjoy. I also set up a nickname for her sometimes called lee. Her last name is from a character from a book I like and I just also enjoy the sound of: Chaser

The hair/ body tone:
Kathleen is a small white girl with brown hair. I got this idea from my own person. I am one the shortest in my grade and have the short brown hair to go along with it. The part were her hair covers her eyes is a somewhat normal boy hair look. I likes the idea and think of it as a mysterious part of her. Kathleen is also strong. I implied this because it is a want of mine and I am only made up of bone. Kathleen eyes always change to my mood.

The cloths:
Kathleen wears my everyday cloths. I always have a pair f jeans on me (since I don't like anything else.) and my fav hoodie. Her bag is just a bag that I own and carry every were.

Kathleen backstory is a hard one. Most of the time she lost her family and sometimes only has one left. Along with that her personality reflects that and my own conflicts. In truth, I love seeing murder and wish this daring personality on myself but I am to sky to do so. Her kind personality is also a want of mine. Her scythe is a weapon I always have on her when the story involves one. It is a high respected weapon because of its strength and movability.

In all that's just what I wanted to say. I might to more info but IDK. Any way don't die.
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