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cruelty of love: the third legend

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
Alton wanted to receive the throne through his father's retirement, but that dream was crushed after Sebal's battle, a gard has came and told him of his father getting poisoned by a traitor, Alton's first order as the new king of sword heaven was to execute the traitor.
The next day Alton and Sebal walked over to the blacksmith, "is the blacksmith available?" Asked Alton, his reply came from a boy in black hair, "the blacksmith has retired, i used to be his student but now im the blacksmith, how may i help you your majesty?" Asked the boy, who was known as drakath, "we need new swords, one of pure gold and one of silver" was Sebal's answer, he then turned over to Alton and said "my friend, yesterday i asked my love if she shared the same feelings for me, she said that she was told by her friend that she was loved by another boy too, and that she needs time to decide", Alton replyed with "this morning i did the same as you, my love said a boy has already asked her, but she new of my love for her, she said she also needs time to decide" little did they know that they have fallen in love with the same girl.....
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