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The Tepig Friends

by King Miles

King Miles This is a story for the Creative Flash Challenge, So the story is about a 10 year old boy named Franklin and his Tepig, Bacon They Are Partners But Franklin's Mother and Father Wanted Him To Have A Snivy And Get Rid Of His Beloved Tepig, which will he choose ? Let's find out
It was a warm afternoon The Pidgeys were Chirping The Flowers Were Blooming. Franklin and Bacon woke up they ran outside to play but Franklin's mother and father stopped them. "Franklin,Can we please talk to you in your bedroom?" Asked Franklin's mom to her son."Sure we can go to my room right now," said Franklin with a smile on his face. Everyone including Bacon walked upstairs to Franklin's Bedroom,when they reached Franklin's Bedroom his parents gently pushed Bacon out the doorway "We need to talk to Franklin Without You So Wait until we're finished," Said Franklin's father to Bacon.

Both Franklin and his parents sat down on his bed and his mother sighed and said "Look Franklin we need to talk about You and Your Tepig," Said Franklin's Mother to Franklin. "W-What About Him ?" Franklin said to his parents. "We're saying that,when you got your first Pokemon we wanted you to pick a Snivy but instead you came back with a Tepig," Said Franklin's Mother To His Son with a sad expression. "But I Don't Understand What Your Saying," Franklin Explained with tears in his eyes. "We want you to do two things Say goodbye to Bacon and Take your new friend,Snivel as your new friend," Said his father to his son. "But I Don't wanna say goodbye," Said Franklin crying to his parents. "I'm sorry but please you have the rest of the day to say good bye to Bacon and we're also selling him to another boy your age," Said Franklin's Mother to Franklin.

Franklin was upset that he had to say goodbye to his friend,when he went downstairs crying Bacon followed and started nudging him until he got up. "Bacon,your my friend but my parents want to get rid of you for a Snivy," Franklin explained To Bacon. When Bacon heard the bad news he was crying as hard as Franklin was. Franklin was waiting until the day was out,he gave Bacon a necklace with him and Bacon when Franklin first got him from Professor Juniper. " Here Bacon It's a necklace with our faces on it if you miss me you can look at it to remember me bye," Said Franklin to Bacon. The Next Morning Franklin and Bacon went downstairs and waited for the boy to take Bacon.

"Good morning,Franklin how are you doing?" Asked Franklin's Mother to Franklin. "Horrible since this is the last day I would see my beloved partner ever again," Said Franklin to his parents. "What are you talking about,We sold that Snivy," Said His mother to Franklin. "Really?!" Franklin said surprised. "Yes we heard what you said and we thought that would be quite an episode so instead we sold That Snivy," Said Franklin's Mother to Franklin. Franklin was happy with the good news and said "Does this mean Bacon and I can play outside?" Asked Franklin excitedly. "Sure Knock Yourselves out," said His Mother With A Smile On Her Face. Franklin and Bacon ran outside to play and they both new that nothing can come between friendship.
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  1. Skippidypowpow
    Great story
    Jun 23, 2017
  2. Swaggy Tepig
    Swaggy Tepig
    Suck a heart warming story I love it :up:
    Dec 19, 2016