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The story of the eevee twins

by Therealist770

Once upon a time lived a women eve she adopted two amazing twins umbra and espra that's where our story begins \umbra and espra/ MOM \eve/what\umbra what do ya mean mom its time/eve for what/ esbra TO GET OUR POKEMON/eve oh crap I forgot you both get an eevees/umbra (MAD FACE)WHAT Ive been WATING FOR years FOR A CHARMANDER AND I GET A EEVEE COME ON/eve what did ya think your little sister has a espron suit you have an umbreon suit/ umbra/ but that would make sense if you gave umbron and her a espron/eve I don't give 2 craps come get you eevees kids also son if you want a starter there is chikoretas at route 1/umbra fine/ a couple of minutes later \umbra/as the amazing umbra and his ultimate umbreon make there final move ailni's mega charizard watches umbreon use shadow ball \esbra/ brother wake up \umbra/ huhnsis you woke me up as soon as I was about to defeat mega charizard \esbra/ oh quit sleeping am I right eevee \eevee/ EEVEE\ narrator a flash of light appears form eevee \Umbra/ CRAP MY sister's EEVEE IS EVOLVEING I LOST 50 BUCKS
Narrator what will eevee turn in to when will umbra's eevee evolve find out next in part 2 of our story
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  1. Therealist770
    Stay tuned for part two of the eevee story also I'm pretty sure you All know what esbra's eevee will evolve into RIGHT
    Jun 6, 2016