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The story of my Unova adventure. chapter 1

by Espeon_aura

Espeon_aura Aaaaaahhhhh...........Unova..........
Who doesn't love the quaint 'tranquill-ity' of Unova.
The fresh aromas of flowers on every route.
The calming music of every town and the variety of new and unique pokemon.
Every nook and cranny of Unova is so exhilarating from route 5's grotto to the little passages in Lostlorn forest. The whole region is filled with a huge diversity of nature.

That's enough on the description as I'm about to tell you guys my story as I travelled across this region, the lakes, the forests, the gym leaders and taking down team plasma. I hope you guys enjoy XD!
I remember. We had just moved, and when I say we, I mean me and my mother, from Sandgem town located in the mountainous region of Sinnoh. It was the second day of our arrival and I was sitting In my room of un-packed boxes watching the television. On the small screen was a woman who went by the name of professor juniper. She was very neat and had long honey-blonde hair in a ponytail and wore a white lab coat, she reminded me a lot of Professor Rowan back in the Sinnoh region. I suppose they are both professors. But anyway, she was explaining about Unova's pokemon, especially their origins, which encase you don't know is her speciality, and about her partner minccino. The minute I set my eyes upon the cute grey fluff ball I fell in love with it. It was the eevee of Unova. Its large round eyes and its long ears were too adorable to ignore.

The programme ended rather soon which was a shame as I could have watched that minccino all day.
Today also happened to be the day before my birthday but not just any birthday, my 11th birthday. This is an extremely special day in the pokemon world if you did not know. As that is the day when you are entrusted with your very own pokemon! I could not wait. I mean, who wouldn't want a cute or cool-looking battling partner that would help you travelling round a beautiful region.

Later that day, the sun was setting and I was eating my dinner. I couldn't stop thinking about the fun I would have the following day. But soon there was no more time to think and I was tucked up in my warm bed fast asleep dreaming of the adventures to come.

I woke up and whacked my head on the ceiling. I still wasn't used to the new bunk bed idea compared to my single bed back in Sandgem. But there was no time to complain as today was the big day. The day I had waited all of my life for.