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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 9

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
As we were entering Florice Town,we saw a familiar face. It was Austin. "Hey hotshot, got a girlfriend AND a babysitter now." Conner replied, "She's not my girlfriend. At least not yet anyway. And Nathan is a friend." Then Austin Said, "I just wanted to show you my badges. He had the Shadow Badge and another badge. It was the last badge my trainer got before he abandoned me. It was the Canyon Badge. "What, impossible! You have TWO badges!" Said Conner. Then Bridget said, "Like you always do Conner,how about you settle this with a battle." So they did. "Good luck to you Conner." Said Nathan. "I'll be sure to win!" Said Conner. He was ready. Austin sent out a spoink. Conner sent out axew. Then he realized he had a shiny axew. "Alright Ax... Wait a minute I never gave you name. How about Zach. Okay Zach, use dragon rage!" It hit spoink. It was critically injured. "Grr. Spoink, use confusion!" Said Austin. Zach was confused. It barely hit spoink with a scratch attack. Spoink fainted. "GRRRRR. That's it,Enough!" Said Austin, furious. Conner sent out Caeser. Austin sent out a Primplup. "So I guess your weak chimchar evolved. Primplup, use water pulse." Austin said. "Caeser, use Mach Punch! Caeser got hit by water pulse, But Mach Punch hit Primplup. "Caeser use flame wheel!" Conner said. Austin then said " Use water gun." Eventually... Again both pokemon fainted. Bridget was shocked at their battling styles. "It's so simple, yet so complicated." She said. Conner then sent out... Lily? Austin laughed hysterically."Ha! It's a little Magikarp." Austin sent out a shiny luxio. His shinx must've evolved. Conner was furious. "Lily, use tackle." It hardly hurt it. Austin laughed "HAHAHA!!! Use discharge!" Lily took the hit Then Conner said "I believe in you Lily, you can do it." Then, Lily started evolving. Austin wasn't even nervous. He said, "Ha I bet it's just gonna evolve into a bigger fish." Austin clearly hadn't done his research.