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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 7

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
Then, it happened. Caeser was a Monferno. "YES YES YES!" Connor yelled happily. Felicity was shocked. "No No No! No fair! Carvanha use quick attack. Conner said very calmly and quietly,"Use Mach Punch." Caeser easily dodged the attack and used Mach Punch. It was a direct hit. We had won. Carvanha had fainted. "Sigh, well I guess you win. Here ya go." Felicity said somewhat sadly. "Sweet!" Said Conner. It was a shadow badge. I knew this because my old trainer got that badge. Then an explosion hit the gym. "Oh no, not them again." Felicity said. "It's Team Gamma." She said nervously. She went and grabbed six ultra balls. She put her other pokemon back in a container. "Houndoom go,use fire blast. Some masked men sent out some electrike. "Let's do this!" said Caeser. He had newfound confidence. Even more so than when he was a chimchar. Even Bridget sent out her Chikorita. Eventually, we won. It took about half an hour. Then, more of them came. "I'll hold them off you go!" Felicity said demandingly. A strange man said we have no time let us leave here. Even Felicity looked confused. We all ran. When we were out of sight he said, "I am Nathaniel, But you may call me Nathan." Bridget asked, " Who were those people." You probably know their names already. They are Team Gamma. They want to " Reset the World" using a weapon capable of harnessing the energy of Pokemon." He explained. Then Nathan Said "Come to my hometown Starburn City. We can settle down there. To be continued...