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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 4

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
So anyway, we were running to the Pokemon Center. Then, Conner bumped into a girl.
"Hey watch it!" The girl said angrily. "I really, really, don't have time for this right now, my pokemon is badly injured". Conner said as he turned his head to me. " Well I'm heading to the Center, too. "Sorry girl, gotta run see ya!" She looked as shocked as I was. She said, "How are you so... calm." We were gone. I barely heard her say those words. Then, we finally made it to the Pokemon Center. "Nurse, my Pokemon is critically injured, he needs help, and FAST." "Oh um Ok got." The nurse said. I still felt guilty. Caeser was being rushed to the urgent care section. By then, the girl and her Pokemon came. She had a Chikorita,a Bagon,and an Aipom. Conner walked over to talk to her. He said "Hey, I'm sorry if I was rude back there. The name's Conner. What's yours." The girl replied, I'm Bridget,and I was the rude one back there. A few hours later, Caeser came back as good as new. I told Caeser I could've sworn those two were holding hands, pointing to Conner and Bridget. "Great, Conner has a girlfriend and I was knocked out when he met her." Caeser said. Hey, I'm really sorry for what I did. "Oh that, it's fine I forgive you." "Oh th-th thanks." I said befuddled. We walked towards Conner and heard him say "Bridget, um I'm going on a journey and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me." Bridget said "Oh um of course, ya." It Was the first time EVER that I saw Conner nervous. So, just like that, we set off. Bridget and Conner seemed happy. And I was too.