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My Pokemon Story: The Story Of Milo Part 22

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe Today our heroes get an unexpected surprise
Bridget, Bayleef, Aipom, and Tailow all had deep red eyes, and had small chips attached to their heads. Moments later, Bagon and a Luxray jumped out of the secret entrance to the base. "B-Brigdet?", Conner asked worriedly. "Wild Charge.", Answered Bridget. "What happened to-" But before Caeser could answer, he was attacked by Luxray. "Caeser!" Conner and I screamed. " Go, Luxio, Primplup, Spoink, and Beldum." Said Austin Conner was speechless. He didn't send out any pokemon. He seemed mortified. Finally Conner said "Go,Zach and Lily." He sounded like he was in terrible pain,and he was. Zach and Lily stared at Bridget and her Pokemon. "What's going on?", Asked Zach. Lily was speechless as usual. "I'm sorry." I replied. "we found them like this. For some reason, no one attacked. Finally Bridget said "Use DoubleSlap." to Aipom. "Use Spark Luxio." Said Austin in response. But the Luxray used Crunch on Caeser. Without getting time to recover,he was hit by DoubleSlap. But he didn't fight back. He just stood there as he was beaten by Aipom. Skyrush then aimed for Aipom,but Caeser blocked the attack. "You idiot!" Screamed Skyrush. She kept trying to hit her, but Caeser blocked every single attack. "S...t....o...p.....i-it." Said Caeser, brutally injured. "Caeser no!" Said Skyrush. Meanwhile, Austin's Pokemon were being fiercely attacked by Luxray. Bridget was beating up Conner. "Come on, fight me!" Cackled Bridget. Conner just stood there. Bridget then said "Razor Leaf." I already knew the only Pokemon here that could use it. As razor sharp leaves pierced me, I saw Bayleef right in front of me.