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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 10

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
As Lily evolved, Austin realized he was wrong. It wasn't a bigger fish. It was a Gyrados. "What, what, impossible! No,no,not a Gyrados!" She looked happy and self-confident. "Ok, now use bite." Conner said. It was extremely powerful. Luxio fainted. Since all the pokemon but me were sent out. So I was sent out. Austin sent out a Beldum. "Beldum,use iron head." Austin said. I used magnitude. Then mud slap. Then, Beldum fainted. "YES YES YES!!! We won, AGAIN!" "What no, no impossible! I'M DONE HERE!" "Now can we go to the contest?" Asked Bridget. "Of course!" Said Conner. We went to the Pokemon center, and then to the contest. Round 1 was Beauty. Each contestant has 1 hour to prepare. Bridget took about 50 minutes. I counted (Who said Pokemon couldn't count?). She was wearing a matching chikorita themed hat and dress. Conner whistled. Chikorita was wearing a beautiful matching hat and dress. It looked like it came from Bridget's clothing bag. This time I whistled. Their were about 20 contestants including Bridget. Only 10 would move on to the next contest. Turns out, the entire theme was cosplaying as your pokemon. Someone dressed as a wingull, a pancham, and an altaria. There was even a girl cosplaying as a sandshrew! Then, Bridget was up, she walked down the isle with chikorita. Oohs and Ahhs were heard from the crowd. I'm suprised Caeser wasn't hopping around in his seat. Bridget and Chikorita danced and showed of their outfits. Then, something awful happened. Bridget fell. Chikorita ran to get her, but she wasn't fast enough then Chikorita ran faster,and it started to evolve.