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Ask Axsel and Pee: The story of Axsel and Pee page #2

by LilypipYT

LilypipYT Last time on the story of Axsel and Pee...Axsel grabbed Pee put her in his scarf and ran.what will happen is part 2 of.... The Story of Axsel and pee..
He ran and ran until he came to a stop he heard growling.What he didn't know that there was a Zorak right behind him. The Zorak scratched him on the eye. He was gushing with blood but that didn't stop him. Quickly Axsel used lick. And the Zorak only had 10% of his health left and right before Axsel finished him off the Zorak said "Please don't hurt me I have a family." Axsel squinted real hard and then... TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 3 OF THE STORY OF AXSEL AND PEE....
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