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The Sinnoh Chapter: The Sinnoh Chapter: Chapter Six: Firey's Egg and Veronica's past! The Dreaded Call!

by Cmeriwether

Cmeriwether Firey and Co ended up on mount Coronet, running into Darius and his crew, challenged to a six on six, but was interrupted by a man named Nolan, the assistant for Kent Fieldcrosser, one of Firey's and Darius's rivals, with news that said rival died.
Firey, Kiara, Ariana and Kyle all woke up from the night's sleep, Ariana and Firey rather cuddly, the others in different rooms. The group went down to get breakfast when Veronica appeared to Kyle, crying.

"Something happened last night, my three Traveling companions were kidnapped last night." Veronica told them between the sniffles, "I'm used to Legendaries like Entei, since they were Articuno's, Zapdos's and Moltres's Trainers."

Veronica continued crying at the mention of her traveling companions.

Everyone except Kyle was confused. Kyle then spoke up.

"Guys, she's serious," Kyle responded.

Firey snapped out of confusion as a Large red and black bird appeared. Everyone went outside as five Pokeballs popped open. Rayquaza, Mew, Jirachi, Kyogre, and Veronica's Blissey all appeared in front of their trainers. The bird suddenly sent a black wing shape at Blissey. Rayquaza used Dragon Tail to send it back. The bird dodged the attack and fired two chains of darkness at Mew.

"Rayquaza, let the sky show it's might, Mega Evolve!" Firey yelled.

The bird squawked angrily as the snake roared.

"Veronica, get back!" Kyle yelled, 'There is a Trio Master Legendary involved, and it's a Mega Evolved Legendary."

The bird sent another attack, this one at Veronica, who was shaking in fear.

"Rayquaza won't make it, don't know..." Firey whispered when he was cut off.

"ORIGIN PULSE!" Kyle roared.

The water type attack shot through the attack and hit the bird.

"This kid, he's usually quiet, but attacking the redhead provoked him." The trainer of the bird whispered.

Kyle, who was now standing on his Kyogre, very angry. Apparently attacking a traveling companion with a Pokemon was enough to set him off.

"I will reveal the Pokemon, Oblivion Wing!" The man responded.

"Rayquaza, Dragon Pulse!" Firey yelled.

The black wing shape was intercepted by a purple dragon shape.

"Yveltal." Firey whispered.

"Kiara, calm down Kyle!" Ariana yelled out to Kiara.

"On it." Kiara responded.

"Now, utterly destroy everyone!" Yveltal's Trainer yelled.

"Rock Tomb!" Firey yelled.

"WHAT!?" The man yelled.

The Kalosian Dark and Flying Type fired its signature attack at the group, only for it to be intercepted by a large flying green shape.

"Now I make my leave!" The man yelled as he returned the Yveltal and disappeared.

After that, Kiara and Veronica decided to try and calm down Kyle. Kyogre had been returned, but he was still not calm.

"Kyle, calm down." Kiara whispered.

It wasn't working.

"Kiara, I have an idea." Veronica whispered.

"Will it work?" Kiara asked in worry.

"I don't know, I have to try." Veronica whispered.

Veronica went and hugged Kyle, who was still raging, but something happened, Kyle went from his angry self to back to his normal self, causing him to blush in embarrassment. Kyle looked around and saw the worried faces of his traveling companions.

"What set you off?" Firey asked.

"The Oblivion Wing heading towards Veronica, I don't know why, but I had a strange feeling this was going to be a problem." Kyle explained.

"Kyle, don't worry," Firey responded.

"Would it be possible for me to travel with you guys, until we find my traveling companions?" Veronica asked.

"Sure." Firey responded.

The group of five headed towards Mount Coronet, finding a Pokemon egg, it was mostly blue purple. Firey had an incubator ready for the egg and placed it in the incubator. A couple of Weavile were seen near the egg before Firey took it into his custody. The group got to the base of the mountain when the sun was going down.

"Let's camp here." Firey called out.

Everyone went to set up camp.


Eve Maddox and her group had left the Pokemon Center a little earlier than Firey's group and spotted his camp when they got on the mountain. Eve had Giratina's pokeball ready in case of hostile behavior.

"Let me deal with this, ok Eve?" Darius asked.

"I'd like to See you try!" Eve responded.

Darius walked over to the camp and spotted a Mew floating around playfully, like most Mews.

"Who goes there!" A voice yelled.

"Vantablack and Tower Guardian, and our traveling Companions Sophia Mirano and Hannah Legend." Eve responded.

"The Silenced Sea, that's all you need to know." The voice responded.

"Kyle, let me talk with them." Another voice called out, "Darius?"

Darius realized who responded at that moment.

"You up for a Six on Six?" Darius asked.

"Let's have at it!" Firey responded.

"This will be a six on six Match, who ever loses their entire team loses, with substitutions. Trainers select your first Pokemon!"

"Sharp, You're up!" Firey responded

Firey's Absol appeared awaiting orders.

"Cloyster, Go forth!"

The Bivalve Pokemon appeared in front of his trainer, staring down the familiar rival.

"Battle Begin!"

"Dark Pulse!" Firey yelled.

Cloyster and Darius's eyes widened when their longtime rival fired an attack so fast that they couldn't even react. Cloyster was pushed back several feet.

"Show them, Blizzard!" (Darius)

"How about a new Trick, Stone Edge!" (Firey)

The rock type Move hit the Ice and Water type as a blizzard blew across the battlefield.

"Sharp, Return!" Firey yelled.

"What!?" Darius yelled.

"A message from Nolan, something's happened, Kent Fieldcrosser, the one assigned to protect the mountain, was killed yesterday morning by none other than High Admin Donovan." Firey explained.

Everyone froze, Ariana immediately hugged Firey, Veronica cried. Kyle wasn't sure what to do, so he just shyly put his arm around Veronica, trying to calm her down.

"We're to attend a Funeral for him in three days, we need to fly there if we're to get there in time." Firey responded.

They packed up camp and took to the air, Volcarona was out just in case of an Attack from the sky. The group arrived about three hours later, landing and setting up camp, again. A young lady appeared, spotting Veronica and Kyle.

"Emilia Salieri, Veronica's sister," the lady explained noticing the boy trying to comfort her sister, "That makes you Kyle."

"Correct." Kyle explained.

"I heard Kent was killed." Firey asked.

Emilia started crying, Veronica tried to hold back the tears.

Mudkip was wondering around the island, exploring, when a group of Graveler appeared. Mudkip tried his best, but there were too many.

"Mud...Kip!" Mudkip called out.

Back with Firey, Eve and company, the sounds of Pokeballs opening could be heard.

Over to Mudkip, the Gravelers think they got the Mudkip but their cries were cut off by multiple town shaking roars. Giratina and Rayquaza had intercepted them and blew the leader into the side of the mountain. After that, they went back and set up camp.

Credit where credit is due.

Though not mentioned, Sterling Hercules, Julia Oswald belong to @Red Gallade and Gracie Pickering belongs to @EeviumZ, Mentiras belongs to @Eliiiscool

Eve Maddox, and Kiara Chiffon belong to @EeviumZ

Kyle Eder belongs to @Kasumi~chan
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