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The S.S Annesaur Challenge

by annesaur

annesaur Something to make the 6th gen Pokemon games more challenging & fun for everyone.
Explanation as to why I'm doing this ↴

Pokemon X and Y weren't exactly as hard as the other Pokemon games, to me, that was a real shame. These games were a huge step forward for Pokemon as they were Game freak & Nintendo's first proper 3D games in regards to the Pokemon series (Discarding spin-offs such as Colosseum or Battle Revolution).

Last night I was sitting at my desk thinking about whatever came to mind (mainly thinking about death & Pokemon nuzlocke's) and that's when I had this sudden idea that was so interesting I knew that I couldn't just leave it as an idea - I needed the world to know.

What the S.S Annesaur challenge is ↴

What if you had to throw your starter away as soon as you got it. Not nice, right?

Every gym has a special typing that it often sticks to, with the gym leader having their ace Pokemon as that type - here's what I mean:
Viola - Vivillon (Bug/Flying)
Grant - Tyrunt (Rock/Dragon)
Korrina - Hawlucha (Fighting/Flying)
Ramos - Gogoat (Grass)
Clemont - Heliolisk (Electric/Normal)
Valerie - Sylveon (Fairy)
Olympia - Meowstic (Psychic)
Wulfric - Avalugg (Ice)

Now what if... before you battled the gym leader you had to catch a Pokemon with the same typing of the gym and use it in your party - that would of course mean bye-bye Chespin/Froakie/Fennekin, you would have to release them as soon as you got a bug type and reached the Santalune Pokemon Center.
With this challenge you won't be able to get any other pokemon other than one that shares the same type with the upcoming gym.

I'm not sure if some people have already noticed the problem with this, if you have, then well done.

There are only 6 party slots for 8 hungry gyms... what do we do then? Choose one Pokemon to be replaced, this may destroy some of your hard work and you might be needing that Pokemon later on - I feel that this adds to the challenge and really makes you think hard about what team you're building.

After you've defeated all the gyms and you have your team its time to tackle the elite four, there aren't any special rules regarding the elite four or champion so just go for it. And that concludes the S.S Annesaur challenge.

Why the weird name ↴

I couldn't conjure up something good enough that would make this seem unique, then I thought about my name... usually I don't like plastering my image onto anything and everything because i'm not a narcissist (I hope) but it was the only way this wouldn't seem like some average Pokemon challenge. Oh, you wanna know about the S.S part of it? Well in gen 1 as i'm sure you know there's this boat called the S.S Anne.... and my username is annesaur.... so S.S Annesaur....? Yeah I have no idea if i'm completely honest.

Just so ya know ↴

I don't think that this is already a thing that I actually didn't invent, but on the off chance that this idea has already been published...

I'm sorry. It's never been my intention to steal anyone's work and I would like it to stay that way. I'm almost 100% sure that this kind of idea hasn't been published into the world yet so I thought that I would do it.

If this is actually a thing I will take this down as I would not like to take credit for something that I didn't come up with.

Thank you all for reading, have fun playing!
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